Garment racks have garnered much attention in the past four years, mostly due to J. Crew’s creative director, Jenna Lyons’ closet. In 2010, Oprah was given a tour of Lyons’ closet and pleasantly surprised to notice that not many of her clothes were “on display” in her room. The garment racks Lyons used to hang her coats, dresses, and other clothing were in plain view, and actually looked pretty darn cute!

Not only are garment racks quite an attractive way to display clothing in the home, they are stupendously practical for almost any room. They are a stylish way to have a place for guests to hang their coats and hats. It seems this type of rack had gone out of style for a time, but they’ve officially made their comeback. With the functionality and inexpensiveness, it’s easy for almost anybody to get their hands on garment racks.

If you’re like most people and do not have a huge walk-in closet, utilize the small space you do have with garment racks. Hanging clothing is one way many of us like to keep our clothing wrinkle-free, and garment racks facilitate this. So many of our clothing get buried in the back of our closets, and we forget we even have them! Garment racks make all your clothing and hats visible, so you know exactly what to choose from.

If you live in the city, finding space to hang your clothes can really become a challenge—that’s why most people are stuck keeping their clothes in boxes or crumpled up on the floor. Do your clothing justice by finding a couple beautiful wooden garment racks. If you want to keep it sophisticated and functional, pick wood as your material, and try to find matching hangers to go with.

Another advantage many garment racks have are casters that allow for higher mobility. How much easier would that be for you to be able to keep your items hung up, wrinkle-free, AND be able to move them about the house? Who wouldn’t enjoy a new and innovative way to store and use their clothing that allows for flexibility? For entertaining guests, instead of having typical, boring hooks on the wall, bring back the old school style with garment racks.

Now, the next time you get frustrated with a lack of space in the home, utilize it by finding affordable wood or metal garment racks to properly store your items. With more ease and style, you’ll be so happy you made the change!