garage and home organizing for back to schoolSchool is starting! Every year you probably make that promise to yourself, that this year will be the one that you get the kids to school on time every day, get super organized and live in a paper-free, clutter-free environment. Yet those wire shelves are still in their packaging, your desk is a disaster area and the kids are threatening to take a taxi because you still run late. How can you make your life more streamlined and manage your time more wisely?
The next two months bring with it new activities, sports seasons, and before you know it, the holidays will be here. Before the mountain of paperwork grows exponentially, set aside a few hours to get a system in place. Hopefully, you finished organizing your garage and the rest of the house this summer, because the clutter that comes with kids in school can throw you off track quickly.
Get your papers together. The school year brings with it all sorts of paper work, from permission slips, report cards and calendars to requests for documentation for medical exams and immunization records. The best thing to do is think ahead about what you will need and set up a filing system so that you can have copies of everything you could possibly need in advance. If you want to be stylish about it, try some chrome wire shelving and label each one accordingly.
Plan for combat during morning madness. Forethought can be the key to getting both your children and yourself out the door in a happy state. Do little things in advance to decrease the chaos in the morning. Set the children’s clothes out the night before, and prep all backpacks and notebooks with the appropriate books and completed homework. If your children are involved in sports, then set up a shelf for them when you are organizing your garage where they can easily see and reach their equipment.
Setting up wire shelves for each child can help get everyone out the door efficiently. This is where you can put those permission slips and similar paperwork, lunch money, and anything else they need to remember on their way out the door.
Another way to use that chrome wire shelving efficiently is by creating a space for everyone’s calendars or one main document that helps you to ensure there are no conflicts. When you have a whole family to manage, those school functions, dance recitals, sports games, competitions, and school trips you need to chaperone can get very overwhelming. Having a place where you can quickly identify who is doing what will help keep you calm and relaxed about the schedules at hand.
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