Command hooks are deceptively simple tools — affix one to a wall, door, or cabinet, and you instantly have a place to hang objects securely. When it comes to home organization, command hooks can be used for all sorts of creative storage solutions, whether it’s time to consolidate your kitchen, bathroom, or family room. Below, we’ve outlined five practical ways to harness these hooks and free up more space in your home.
Hang Cooking and Baking Utensils
Many people collect their larger kitchen utensils in a drawer, which makes for a jumbled mess that’s hard to sift through. Instead, we recommend placing command hooks on a free wall or inside a cabinet, so you have a dedicated place for every kitchen tool. Not only does this reduce clutter in your drawers, giving you additional space for other items, but it also makes it easier to find the tool you’re looking for. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, you can even refashion an old door into a storage set piece, providing a huge canvas for knives, kitchen towels, and spices.
Show Off Some DIY Window Vases
These versatile hooks are just as useful for hanging decorations around the house, such as handmade vases. First, choose a large window that needs some sprucing up, and attach between three and five command hooks to the wall above the window. With a roll of jute, some small mason jars, and fresh flowers, you can hang the makeshift vases on your hooks to create a gorgeous window treatment.
Create More Bathroom Storage
Command hooks are just as valuable in the bathroom, especially if you’re running out of available storage space. With four carefully placed hooks, it’s easy to attach a small wire rack to the inside of your bathroom cabinet, or even on the side of your sink. The best home organization ideas take place outside of the box, so take a look around your bathroom and find the most creative place to hang a new rack. If you’re installing a shower caddy, make sure that your command hooks are made with water-resistant material.
Hang Decorations Over a Doorframe
When command hooks are placed discretely above a doorframe, it’s easy to hang themed decorations on a whim. Place a hook above each corner of the frame, so you can string banners across the door. When a holiday is over and it’s time to pack up the decorations, you can leave the hooks in place and forget about them until the next party.
Customize Hooks with New Colors and Textures
Lastly, most of these hooks come in simple white, so if you’re looking for a more natural or weathered tone, just paint the hooks with your desired color. For example, you can spray-paint them in gold or silver, coat them in glitter, or use special “metallic” paint that makes them look like wrought iron. In a bedroom or bathroom, these little painted hooks will add cool accents to your existing décor.