Shoe caddies are great for storing shoes, but they also have a range of other creative uses. At Seville Classics, we believe that smart closet organizers are just as effective in other areas of the house. Whether you’re looking to tidy up your child’s toys, your backyard garden tools, or your bathroom toiletries, shoe organizers offer plenty of compartments so that everything has a place. Below, we’ve shared some creative ways to use a shoe caddy that go beyond simple closet storage.
Indoor Hanging Planter
It’s become popular to hang indoor plants with glass baubles and string, but what if you transformed a shoe caddy into an instant herb garden? Not only is it more cost-efficient than buying pots for each individual plant, but if you’re living in a cramped apartment, it allows you to grow a variety of herbs on the back of your kitchen door! Moreover, you can label each plant so that your entire family learns which is which. It’s a conversation piece, storage solution, and miniature garden, all in one.
Pantry Organizer
Meanwhile, closet storage can be just as effective in a cramped pantry. By hanging a shoe caddy on the back of your pantry door, you’ll have plenty of pockets to store snacks, fruit, vegetables, and more. Many shoe caddies are constructed with clear plastic, allowing you to see inside each pocket, which is great when assessing how much food you need to buy at the grocery store.
Playroom Storage
Closet organizers can help to teach children better habits, especially when it comes time to put away their toys. There’s something strangely fun about stashing colorful toys in a shoe caddy, and you can make a game out of it when playtime is over. Over time, your children will have more pride for their toys, treat them with care, and maybe even develop an organizational system of their own. This way, nobody accidentally slips on an action figure, your kids learn about discipline, and Lego pieces are less likely to go missing.
Camping Supply Caddy
When taking the family for a weekend camping trip, you’ll want to have quick access to important items like bug spray, kitchen utensils, and a headlamp. A shoe caddy might seem like an impractical storage solution if you’re backpacking in the wilderness, but if you’re just pitching a tent for a few nights, it’s a great way to carry your supplies. You can hang it on your tent or a nearby tree, so that it’s easy to cook meals on the campfire.
Front Seat Car Caddy
The same shoe organizers are just as useful inside a car, where they can be hung behind the front seat for storage purposes. If you’re traveling with an infant or toddler, the caddy’s compartments are perfect for stashing diapers, toys, and baby wipes. Once the kids are a little older, the same caddy can be used to store books and electronics for those longer road trips.