organizing thanksgivingIt is never too early to get a jump on your holiday plans—despite the fact that Thanksgiving is this week, you can still take a few steps to get organized for the big day and reduce the stress that accompanies it. You can use some of the same methods that you employ for garage organizing or for the office to make this holiday run smoothly and efficiently.
If you are hosting the meal, here are some tips to make your holiday more organized.
1. Perform a thorough housecleaning as early as possible. Dust, vacuum, mop the floors and clean your bathrooms now. Make sure all your loose paperwork is in the appropriate chrome wire shelving and that your files are neat and tidy.
2. Don’t start any big projects such as landscaping or garage organizing this week. You’re going to need extra time to focus on your gathering and any events you plan to attend this weekend. DVR your favorite television shows and catch up on them next week!
3. Put up any autumn or Thanksgiving decorations as soon as your house is clean. You’ll be way too busy to do that on the day that you’re preparing the big meal.
4. Organize any hallway or foyer closets that people will be hanging their coats and jackets in. Set up shoe racks if you have nice carpeting and want your guests to take off their shoes.
5. Do all your normal weekly tasks in advance. Again, you’ll be too busy the day before and the day of to worry about paying bills or organizing that chrome wire shelving.
6. Grocery shop early, especially for anything that is canned, and get your desserts the day before. If you’re baking pies, they will easily stay fresh if you make them one day in advance.
7. Develop a contingency plan in case your number of guests increases at the last minute. You never know who may need a place to eat or who many bring an extra guest. Devise a game plan for how you will modify the seating and plan to make a little bit extra food. You may also want to buy some extra storage containers to give away the leftovers in. You can get them anywhere, from drug stores and grocery stores to more high-end models at the same store where you get your shoe racks.
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