organized garage picThe New Year is on the horizon, which means people across the globe will be setting resolutions. Next to losing weight, one of the most popular resolutions is to get organized. The difference between the two is that while it’s easy to fall of the diet and workout wagon, once you get organized, the efforts you make will stay in place and possibly improve your entire year. Whether you resolve to finally make that garage organizing project happen may depend upon how you go about doing it.
While you may dread it, once you get started, you’ll realize how much fun it is to shop for organizing products and tools. You can easily go crazy buying storage bins, wire shelves and laundry sorters. The thing is, instead of just buying a bunch of tools that you’re not 100% sure you’ll be able to use, you may want to make a plan first.
Assess each room and space, and determine what you’re really going to be able to use. Look at the area and how many items need to go in each space so that you can ascertain if you have enough room. If you don’t, then you can decide where to put some wire shelves for storing the excess.
Take a hard look at the closet so you can determine the space specifications and what can be modified. If it’s already overflowing, you will probably need to streamline the space with some slim line hangers. What about your dirty clothes? This is where laundry sorters may come in really handy. If there is not enough room on the floor, then take a look at your shoes… are there boxes everywhere? If so, perhaps the purchase of a shoe rack can create more room.
Apply this same strategy to your garage organizing efforts. Determine which items can be grouped together and how they can be stored most efficiently. Then you’ll know whether you need garage storage cabinets or more storage shelving.
Instead of creating heaps of organizing tools that you’re not going to use, take the steps to plan out your organizing strategy. This will ultimately save you money and time—and we all can use more of both!