In this guide, we’ve shared some actionable tips for improving your health and wellbeing at the office in 2018. By investing in an adjustable sit stand desk and changing a few daily habits, you can transform your health this year.

Start StandingSit Stand Desk for Work

Most office jobs involve hours of desk time, which means prolonged sitting and staring at the computer screen. Recent health studies have found that it’s important to stand and walk around the office for at least two hours per day, so that you increase circulation and reduce back pain. With an adjustable sit stand desk like the AIRLIFT, you can quickly convert an existing desk into a standing model. Available in electric and pneumatic versions, these desks include a keyboard tray and a handy stand for your smartphone.   

Cut Back on Fatty Snacks

Once you’ve decided to get mobile in 2018, you’re only halfway there. Nutrition is just as important as exercise, if not more so. With a demanding office job, it’s easy to develop poor eating habits and rely on junk food throughout the day. Instead, we recommend bringing fruits and vegetables to work, and making a rule to never eat at your desk. This will encourage you to take dedicated snack breaks in a relaxing location (preferably outside).

Stay Hydrated and Oxygenated

Likewise, it’s crucial that you drink water throughout the day, and avoid dehydrating yourself with coffee and energy drinks. If you work in an old office, you might also experience “occupational allergies” from the carpet and paint. Try to open a window and take breaks for fresh air. You can also buy a few small plants to boost air quality and workplace ambience.

Take Breaks to Stretch

Whenever you switch to your standing desk or take a snack break, we recommend squeezing in 5-10 minutes of stretching as well. Focus on your neck, back, legs, and any other area of the body that feels strained from prolonged sitting. If you don’t have time to spare, you can even try a few chair yoga poses that only take a few minutes to complete. Stretching will keep you limber, productive, and more in tune with your body. It’s also a great excuse for taking a break from computer screens, and resting your eyes.  
For more than 35 years, Seville Classics has been a leading innovator in workplace tools. Whether you’re trying to stay active at the office, improve your posture, or boost your daily productivity, we have adjustable sit stand desks that fit your budget. Check out our holiday guide for more health gift ideas, and then visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook page for some healthy office tips. Let’s use the momentum of a new year to get inspired!