In this guide, we’ve shared 5 guest room ideas that will make your friends and family feel right at home. Guest bedrooms are more fun to decorate than your living room or master bedroom, because there is less pressure to choose the “perfect” décor. Instead, you can enjoy coming up with ways to please your guests. Once you’ve learned how to decorate a guest room, you’ll be ready to create a peaceful and welcoming space for anyone to stay.  
Let the Bedroom Tell You How to Decorate
First, consider the room’s dimensions before making any final decisions about guest room décor. For example, if the room is laid out with an unconventional nook in one corner, you can use it to your advantage and place a desk or dresser there. Think of your guest bedroom like a unique puzzle that you’re trying to solve.
Freshen the Room with a Floral Bouquet
Next, if you’re expecting guests over the weekend, you can elevate their room with some fresh flowers in a simple vase. Whether you create an arrangement from your backyard garden, or do a quick grocery store run, there’s nothing quite like a bouquet on the nightstand. Trust us, your guests will appreciate the gesture.
Cultivate a Cozy and Comfortable Space
Before buying any guest room décor, think about whether it will add or detract from the room itself. You might love a stylish piece of metal furniture, but does it match the room’s tone? Does it feel warm and welcoming, or cold and fashionable? Try to search for items that embody the former, rather than the latter. For example, woven storage baskets have a natural and beautiful look, without being intimidating.      
woven baskets
Go for a Minimalist Design
Clutter is the enemy of a guest bedroom. When in doubt, you should be eliminating items from the space, rather than adding to the pile. However, minimalism does not mean you give up on comfort or style. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a few decorative centerpieces that tie a room together.
Stock the Bookshelf with Some Fun Reads
Finally, many of your guests will appreciate some light reading by the bedside. You can fill the 3-Tier Folding Cube Bookcase Shelf with a few novels, magazines, and photography books to cover all your bases. Place a table lamp on the bookcase’s top tier, and your guests can enjoy a quick read before tucking in.  
bookcase shelf
Enjoying the decorating process? At Seville Classics, we love guest rooms that feel like an extension of your own home. With a few good guest room ideas and some inviting décor, you can design a comfy space as well. For more interior decoration tips, visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook page and get inspired!