Didn’t we just celebrate Halloween? Every year, the holidays seem to sneak up on us, throwing us into a tailspin of planning and tasking. Yet with a little bit of pre-planning and following a few quick, easy-to-implement tips, you can eliminate the chaos and stay organized this season. It’s as easy as utilizing your storage shelving and decluttering a few areas at home.
Keep track of it all. Everyone is out of their comfort zone during this time of year. Routines are turned upside down, visitors show up unexpectedly and commitments seem to multiply exponentially. Whether you keep it on your SmartPhone or use and old school planner, maintain a calendar and have it on you at all times. That way you can make sure you don’t double book yourself and know when certain things have to be finished.
Declutter in advance. So many unexpected things happen in the real world so it’s better to undertake major projects such as decluttering and garage organizing ahead of time. If you wait to start projects that will make your home presentable to your holiday guests, before you know it, there will be too much to do in too little of an amount of time. Over the next few days, take on small decluttering projects and complete a few each day. Buy some cabinets for garage organizing, box up all those items that don’t belong in the house, label them and then store them away. If not, you’ll find yourself stuffing things into your closets and then starting the new year even worse off, with double the amount of clutter to eliminate.
Be prepared. Buy and wrap some unisex or general gifts to have on hand in case you receive unexpected presents from guests upon their arrival. Candles, holiday ornaments or decorations are all great choices. Keep these gifts in some storage shelving in a closet or somewhere else that’s stealth so that you can grab one on the fly when necessary.
Bake in bulk. If you are planning to do some holiday baking and pass out your goodies to coworkers or neighbors, bake in bulk so that it’s a task you can get out of the way all at once. Make extra so that you have goodies on hand in case you may need to return a cookie plate to the new neighbor you didn’t expect to send you their own holiday treats. Package them in small tins and stash them in some conveniently placed chrome wire shelving so you can hand them out whenever the doorbell rings with some surprise neighborly cheer.
Make to-do lists. It may sound old school, but listing your tasks and people you need to shop for is a necessity this time of year. Keep it with you at all times so that when you have some unexpected extra time, you can run into a store or wherever you need to go to hit some of the items on your lists. Also keep a list of what you’ve already bought so you don’t buy two of the same CDs for your sister or a second set of chrome wire shelving for that coworker who wants to get organized.