Tower fans offer a slim, portable solution to your summer woes. The best models have a variety of oscillator settings, use less energy than conventional fans, and stay quiet while keeping you cool. Below, we’ve shared some features to keep in mind when selecting an electric tower fan, so that you don’t end up with buyer’s remorse.
Low Noise Level FanNoise Level
Tower fans should fade into the background, so you almost forget that they’re running. No one wants to hear an appliance buzzing incessantly, and the Seville Classics UltraSlimline collection uses an extremely quiet internal fan.
Using the included remote control or the built-in speed dial, you can switch between five different speed settings and find the perfect airflow. With a 1 sq. ft. footprint, the 40” UltraSlimline fans take up minimal space in a room, but they move an impressive amount of air.
Energy Efficiency
Meanwhile, the energy-saving DC motor uses only 25 watts on the highest setting, which is up to 50% less energy than the average fan motor. Adjust the automatic shut-off timer from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours to prevent the fan from wasting energy on empty rooms.
Fan Program Modes
Programmable Modes
Besides the five speed settings, the UltraSlimline fans also have three breeze modes and three tilt modes. Choose from direct (0 degrees), wall (8 degrees), or ceiling (12 degrees) tilt modes, so that you find a pleasant balance between a direct breeze and whole-room air circulation. At the same time, you can select a constant, natural, or sleep program, so that the airflow matches your needs.
Stylish Design Cues
It’s important to select a tower fan with some design flair, because it’s a substantial appliance that you’re going to use and see everyday. It's important that the fan compliments your home décor instead of disrupting it. Our UltraSlimline fans come in a satin white or black finish, with a gorgeous steel intake grill and a sleek frame.
Stylish Fan
Personal Comfort
Finally, if you’re looking for a tower fan that fits on a desk or workbench, with the power to keep you cool during the summer work hours, try the UltraSlimline 17” Oscillating Personal Tower Fan. This compact appliance has three speed settings, an ultra-quiet motor, and an extremely portable design. Weighing only 4.1 pounds, it’s the perfect fan for a dorm or desk.
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