In recent years, “minimalism” has become a buzzword in the interior design world, with authors like Marie Kondo sharing profound concepts for decluttering your home. Essentially, if you keep items that bring you joy, and donate everything else, you’ll create a much more welcoming space to live. This approach can be translated to the kitchen as well, especially if you need to maximize your shelving space. Below, we’ve shared a few tips for tidying up your pantry, cabinets, and countertop.

Customize Your Kitchen

What’s your cooking style? Take a moment and ponder this question before investing in any organizational items. Perhaps you enjoy working with a variety of niche kitchen tools, or you prefer having a lot of counter space for brainstorming. Ultimately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to kitchen organization. You should cater the kitchen layout to your needs, and maximize the space based on your cooking style.

Expand Your Vertical Storage Space

Every kitchen cabinet has unused vertical space, and the Corner Kitchen Cabinet Organizer will help you make the most of it. With a solid iron construction and two ventilated tiers for your plates and bowls, the unit slides right into a corner. It’s the perfect solution when stacking kitchen items vertically, because each tier is separated for easy access.

Organize Shelf by Shelf

Once you’ve started consolidating your shelves, it’s time to organize them based on category. Place your spices and seasonings on a shelf, your cups and mugs on another shelf, and anything else that makes sense together. We recommend adding an Expandable Kitchen Cabinet Shelf Organizer to your cluttered shelves, so that you gain an extra storage tier. Depending on your needs, the organizer can expand between 15.75” and 30” wide, which is perfect for most kitchen cabinets.

Consolidate Your Cutting Boards

Oversized kitchen items like cutting boards and baking sheets can quickly dominate a cabinet, unless you have a smart storage solution. With the Kitchen Counter Top Organizer, you can choose to showcase these larger items on an open countertop, or slide them into an open cabinet. With three storage sections and a ventilated iron base, there’s plenty of space for your cutting board collection.
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