Home storage is an art form, and there are an infinite variety of solutions to every storage issue. Whether you decide to build your own closet, utilize plastic storage organizers, or install a metal shelving unit in your garage, there are so many ways to harness your unused space. Below, we’ve listed a few of our favorite storage ideas for every room in the house, so you can learn to make the most of your bedroom, kitchen, or garage area.

  1. Hang Your Clothes on a Wardrobe Rack: For a minimalist solution to your storage woes, invest in a black or silver wardrobe rack and set it up in an easily accessible corner of your bedroom. You can use this rack for all of your highest quality shirts, dresses, and jackets, so that you free up your main closet space for the less attractive pieces. This will give your bedroom more of a cool boutique feel, without adding much clutter.
  1. Use Heavy-Duty Bins in the Garage: Making the most of your garage will give you the space to park a car, create a work area, and just be more organized in general. We recommend purchasing a set of stackable plastic bins, so that your valuables are protected from extreme heat and cold, but you’re still utilizing the available space. Slide and stack your bins in a steel shelving unit, create labels for each bin, and then organize them so that your most important items are easy to access. These all-purpose storage organizers are the ideal solution for a cramped garage.
  1. Dedicate a Basket for Spare Pillows and Sheets: A large wicker basket looks great anywhere in the house, and you can place one at the foot of your bed for decorative and storage purposes. Stash extra pillows, bedsheets, and blankets in the basket, so that when you’re hosting guests for the weekend, you can give them fresh linens at a moment’s notice. Meanwhile, a few smaller baskets are perfect for those loose items, jewelry, and accessories that are typically strewn around the room. Baskets are proof that home storage doesn’t have to be complicated.
  1. Recycle Wooden Boxes as a Makeshift Kitchen Pantry: Finally, it’s easy to repurpose a wooden champagne box or produce crate as a mini storage area for your kitchen countertop. You can use it to display tea, coffee, spices, and small plants. Depending on your kitchen’s color scheme, you might want to paint the box or add some cool wallpaper to the back panels. As far as storage ideas go, this one costs almost nothing and it adds effortless style to your kitchen.