Often, we forget that the entryway is the first area that visitors see when entering our home. We usually worry about the kitchen and family room being clean, but we don’t cultivate a welcoming entryway for our guests. Furthermore, entryway décor isn’t just about making an impression. It also brings more balance to our lives, so that when we return after a long workday, we truly feel at home.
In this guide, we’ve shared a few useful tips for getting the most out of your entryway, starting with some well-placed furniture and a smart layout.
Create a Seating/Shoe Removal Area
Whether you live in a cramped apartment or a spacious home, there’s no excuse to not have a seat in your entryway, so that guests can remove their shoes. Ideally, a long bench will provide ample space for sitting. If you don’t have room for a bench, you can use a stool instead. Pair it with a 3-Tier Resin Slat Utility Rack, and you have an entryway furniture solution that doesn’t force guests to hunch over when removing their footwear.
shoe rack
Make Space for Extra Storage
Even the largest entryways have storage limitations, and you need to choose furniture that doesn’t make the environment feel cramped. We recommend investing in a narrow shelving unit with enough tiers to showcase decorative pieces and practical items. For example, the 4-Tier Iron Bar Square Tower Shelving can hold up to 90 pounds per shelf, but the unit only takes up about 1 square foot of floor space. It’s a sleek piece of entryway furniture that offers plenty of structural support.
tower shelving
Invest in a Welcome Mat and Runner
Next, you can “roll out the red carpet” for your guests with a tasteful runner. This long and skinny carpet welcomes visitors with an open path into your home. For a similar effect, you can also paint a runner on the entryway floor, which will help hide scuffs and imperfections. Meanwhile, you can choose a matching welcome mat for your front door.
Go Mobile
Finally, you can fill your entryway with wheeled furniture, and then relocate or remove it when necessary. This gives you the option to use furniture for more than one purpose. We recommend the 4-Tier UltraZinc Shelving, which has locking casters and corrosion-resistant zinc plating. It’s perfect as a bookcase or decorative shelf, and you can reposition it around the entryway when hosting guests.
Ready to transform your entryway décor? With the help of Seville Classics, you can make a lasting impression and clear out your clutter. To learn more decorative tips, visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook page and get inspired!