Tiny kitchens are an unfortunate reality of apartment living, especially if you’re in an older building. At times, these cramped quarters can feel like a cave, and you might not have a lot of options for furnishing the space. In this handy guide, we’ve outlined some small kitchen design ideas that can help you maximize your cooking area, so that you have enough room to prepare and serve full meals.
Use Every Available Space to the Fullest
First, it’s crucial that you consider every kitchen cabinet, drawer, and shelf, so that you make the most of your storage area. To help reduce clutter in your cabinets, you can try hanging pans on a pegboard, or arranging your knives on a magnetic block. Meanwhile, you can maximize existing vertical space with the Expandable Under-Sink Shelf,, which is designed with removable mesh panels that custom-fit your cabinets. Small kitchen ideas don’t have to be expensive to work wonders.
sink shelf
Expand Your Storage Area
Next, you should think about your kitchen’s existing floor plan, and see if there’s a way to boost storage with standalone shelving or an island. We recommend the 3-Tier UltraZinc Shelving Cart for all-purpose kitchen storage, including cookware, appliances, and food. The heavy-duty steel wire construction can handle up to 50 pounds per shelf, which is more than enough support for your home kitchen. Measuring only 22.5” wide by 13.25” deep, you can roll the cart next to a countertop without cramping the area.
Eliminate Clutter
When considering kitchen design for small space, it’s also important to downsize and organize your current possessions, so that your kitchen feels a little less tiny. One way to do this is by going through every nook and cranny in your kitchen, and making a donation pile for the accessories and cookware that you rarely use. Meanwhile, you can consolidate your useful items with a few drawer and cabinet organizers
drawer organizer
Brighten the Room
Finally, we recommend using the power of visual persuasion to make your space feel more open and welcoming. You can wield color and light to your advantage, especially in a dark and dingy kitchen. Consider painting your walls a lighter color, installing efficient and bright LED lights, and decorating with a vibrant backsplash.
Ready to transform your tiny kitchen? At Seville Classics, we’re proud to design storage tools that help you make the most of cramped spaces. For more small kitchen design ideas, visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook page and get inspired!