bamboo drawer organizersA desk filled with loose pens, stacks of papers and work files not only cramps your style, but productivity as well.
In fact, a recent 2010 study by Brother International Corp reported that 87% of workers felt less efficient in a messy and cluttered workspace, and 66% of employees spent a maximum of 30 minutes weekly searching for misplaced items.
It is difficult to complete your daily to-do list when you spend all your time searching for important papers or your favorite writing pen.
To become less cluttered and more focused, use two or three of our stylish desk organizers to create an appealing and effective workspace.
Here are four steps to makeover your desk and control the clutter:

Purge and declutter your desk

Dump all the files, paper and desk drawer contents into a large bin. Get rid of any garbage -- broken pens, crumpled envelopes and scraps of paper. To add style and personalize your space, place pencils, scissors and pens in a colorful jar near your computer.
Minimize the clutter completely by disposing of all duplicate office supplies and separating all the remaining paper into one pile.

Tackle and sort the piles of paper

Now that your desk is clean, sort the piles of paper into categories that work best for your office. Sample categories may include: Financial, Administrative, Legal, Daily Work, Projects or Next Actions. You will place these papers into file folders that will stay on top of your desk in one of our stylish desk organizers.

Label your file folders

These folders will be the first place you reach when you are missing important papers – and the first place that you will file incoming documents, contracts, bills and work-related papers.
Instead of scribbling the category names on the top of the labels, invest in a label maker. A label maker is a great investment that will not only keep your folders looking pristine and organized, but you can use it to label items in the kitchen, bathroom or garage.
Each day practice filing away papers that are no longer active and keep only the essential documents at your fingertips.

Organize your drawers

Desk drawers are perfect for storing pens and pencils, extension cords, batteries, sticky notes and business cards. Drawer dividers are essential and fabulous; they keep everything organized and compartmentalized so you can divide and conquer your office supplies.
Our bamboo drawer organizers not only work to corral loose kitchen items, you can also use them to store pens and office supplies too. These bamboo drawer organizers are not only stylish and sturdy, but are affordable and easy to clean as well.
Before you place your items back into the drawers, think about usage. What essential items do you need to have handy, but hidden away? Making sense of your mess will help keep the drawer neat and functional – instead of hidden place to conceal mementos or random office supplies.
Use the tips above to create a system that not only keeps things organized, but is aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well. As you commit yourself to a clutter-free desk, don’t forget to keep items that make you happy in sight, such as photos of your family members and pets or a small vase filled with fresh flowers.