steel and chrome wire shelvingIf you are short on cash, there is no need to remodel your home to give it a fresh and updated look.
Create a serene and simple living space by using wire shelving and a few simple organizing pieces, to organize your kitchen, laundry room and bathroom.
Here’s how to make a home organizing system to collect, store and live with your favorite items.
In the Laundry Room – In vertical spaces, install wire shelving above the washer and dryer to store detergent, stain treatment kits and ironing supplies.
To see the contents of your supplies on floating metal shelving, use wire mesh baskets to retrieve items quickly and easily. Using a three or four shelf system you can place extra linens, pillowcases and sheet sets for houseguests.
In the Kitchen – Using tiered steel and chrome wire shelving you can customize any pantry easily. Use the shelving to hold items that you use frequently, such as breakfast dishes, canned goods and tea and coffee supplies. To expedite the baking process, place loose sugar, flour and grains in glass jars. Set these jars on a wooden tray for easy access during cookie-baking and pancake-making times.
In the Garage – If you are short on storage place in the home, move your items to the garage. A steel and chrome wire shelving system takes advantage of your garage’s high ceilings, by maximizing vertical wall space. Shelving in your garage neatly holds holiday supplies, books, tools and cherished items.
You can also use the shelving system to store and organize your sporting equipment. To keep the garage organized, stuff a large duffel bag with equipment used for each sport. When you are running to soccer or baseball practice, you can toss the equipment bag in the car.
In the Bathroom – In the perfect bathroom storage system, you can see your personal care items at a glance and find what you need quickly. Vertical wire shelving, installed in your bathroom, will double the capacity of your medicine cabinet and help you to see items at a moment’s notice. To use your shelving system effectively, place clear and stackable storage bins on your shelves to hold cotton balls, toilet paper rolls and styling tools.
In the Children’s Rooms – It is great to establish good cleaning habits at an early age. To encourage neatness, keep your child’s playthings in wicker baskets. Place these lightweight bins on the lower shelves to teach them to tuck away their toys on their own. For younger children, buy open and clear storage containers, so they can see what is inside easily.
In the Basement – A shelving system in the basement can expand your storage options for seasonal items. After installing your wire unit, create color-coded zones to store items for each season. For example, stash summer hats and beach towels in a blue bin. For the rainy season, pack away umbrellas, ponchos and rain hats in an orange bin. Store off-season winter gear --such as gloves, hats, mittens and scarves -- in a green plastic bin until needed.