While the principles of Feng Shui are rather complex, you can easily apply some of the basics to any space, with just a few organizational tools such as storage shelves, shoe racks and cabinets for garage storage. Best of all, you really don’t need a comprehensive understanding of Feng Shui to implement the principles and enjoy the significant benefits.
One of the most important principles of this age old Chinese system of geomancy is to remove clutter from every area of your home. In Feng Shui, clutter is believed to exude low energy that is stagnant, confusing and actually drains you. When there is too much clutter in your house, it can block certain areas of your life. Think about how good it feels when you do a spring cleaning on your house? That’s because you are removing items it’s time to let go of to make room for the new.
An area that many avoid is the closet. While it can be a very daunting task to clear out the space where you store so much, if you start out with some basic tools like shoe racks, you can break the task into pieces and quickly see some improvement. Plus, the same idea as above applies—when you get rid of the old items of clothing or shoes, you make room for new ones!
If you are a collector or have a home office, it’s best to have storage shelves specifically assigned for certain collections or items that you need for your office. Make sure that each shelf is properly organized so that you can maintain a clutter-free environment and keep utility in the forefront when you set them up. If you use something every day, have it in an easy to access shelf; likewise, if you don’t use something regularly but need to store it somewhere inside the house, store it on a shelf that isn’t featured as prominently as the others.
A common mistake that many make is to just throw things in the garage when the house is overflowing. As with the rest of the property, your garage needs to be clutter free and organized. Start by getting some cabinets for garage storage and boxing things up with similar items and storing them accordingly. Label everything you can and store items in places where they can be found easily and put away just as effortlessly.
Implement these simple steps and you’ll be moving down the path to a home with more positive energy.