wire storage shelvingThe title is true - doing something as easy as installing wire shelves in your home can greatly improve your Feng Shui! If you're new to interior design or just not caught up on the latest episode of 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy', then you might be unsure what Feng Shui is exactly. Basically, it’s an ancient Chinese art (and science) developed around three thousand years ago that teaches how to balance the various energies of a space in order to bring good fortune and prosperity to those who inhabit it.
Perhaps the most critical area, where Feng Shui is concerned, is the space around the main entrance of whatever room you're dealing with. To borrow some terminology from this ancient body of knowledge, what you're trying to do with Feng Shui is maximize the amount of Chi (universal energy) the room can “inhale.” People that are un-hip to Feng Shui often store boxes and miscellaneous items in their foyer or entry way, trying to take advantage of every inch of square footage available to them. The ancients considered this a very bad practice, as the entry way is vital to the rest of the space. By getting rid of whatever you’ve been storing there and putting that stuff into storage cabinets in the garage, or what have you, you're already well on your way to maximizing your homes Feng Shui and bringing in some prosperity!
Another important thing that you want to look at is what happens right after you enter your space, and how all of the Chi is distributed. Your best bet is to have a nice clean pathway into every room, particularly avoiding clutter in the hallways. They should always be clear and easy to walk through. If you’ve got a bunch of stuff you've been keeping there because it never had a 'home' before, you should consider organizing it into some storage cabinets or shelving and getting it into the garage as soon as possible.
The next area to examine is your kitchen. When you're in it, do you feel happy there? The kitchen should be a place that welcomes people to congregate and provide an area that will nourish you and the others you live with. It represents the ability to sustain yourself. So if you're messy and have a ton of junk or random utensils lying all over the place, get it taken care of with some kind of sorting device or wire shelving rack.
Lastly, the bedroom is an extremely important space. It's absolutely critical that it not be messy or cluttered. I suggest getting some laundry sorters like this for all your dirty cloths, so that they're not just tossed about in the middle of the room, creating an eyesore and perpetuating negative energy.
Organize your closet in a Feng Shui-healthy way, by keeping it sleek and streamlined. Slim line hangers create extra room in your closet. You can utilize this space for your new laundry sorter or a shoe rack so that they are out of the way and not hurting your Chi.
Trust us, if you take all of these steps, not only will your Feng Shui be improved, but your overall quality of life will too. You'll be cutting down your stress and making way for true prosperity and good fortune!