Recent studies have shown that too much sitting can have a negative effect on your health. As a result, standing desks have seen a massive boost in popularity. These desks come in a wide variety of configurations and sizes, ranging from the traditional stand up desk to a sit-stand desk hybrid. Some people even install a height adjustable desk on their exercise equipment, so they can work while walking. Below, we’ve shared four benefits for using a stand up desk that will improve health and productivity.

Get More Work Done

In a study conducted over a seven-week period, researchers found that using a standing desk can lower stress levels. When compared with employees who sat at a traditional desk for the entire workday, 87% of the standing desk users said that they felt more energy and focus. These findings show that standing desks help to reduce fatigue and anxiety. With greater well-being, you can spend more time on the tasks that matter.
Sit Stand Desk at Work

Reduce Health Risks

Another study from 2011 has found that prolonged sitting can result in a higher risk of colon cancer and breast cancer. Researchers aren’t exactly sure why this occurs, but they found a direct link between 43,000 colon cancer cases, 49,000 breast cancer cases, and the patients’ sitting habits. With a stand up or hybrid desk, you can minimize your exposure to these potentially deadly diseases.

Straighten Your Posture

With a proper stand up desk, you can avoid the “slouch” effect that occurs when sitting at a desk for too long. Ideally, your computer should be positioned just above eye level, and a stand up desk can facilitate this. This elevated setup will force you to look up slightly, straighten your spine, and strengthen your core.  

Put Less Strain on Your Body

It feels great to sit down after an active workday or long exercise routine, but prolonged sitting can be quite painful over time. A few recent studies have shown that standing desks can reduce back and neck pain by up to 54%, and that the pain returns when switching back to sitting desks. Do your body a favor, and take breaks from sitting as often as possible.
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