television stand
Oftentimes, people opt out of TV stands and use other less suitable types of furniture on which to place their televisions. Many people go this route because they are under the impression that TV stands are just too expensive. Sometimes they are right—if these people have priced TV stands at some large retailers, and especially if they have been doing their price checking at brick and mortar merchants or outlets, the prices just can’t compete with what Seville Classics brings shoppers with our classically styled TV stands for all kinds of televisions, including plasma screen TVs and LED televisions, as well as nearly all sized of flat screen TVs.
Frequently, consumers don’t know what to look for and have a hard time finding a TV stand in a style that will work with the rest of their home’s décor. The Classic coffee table media center TV stand from Seville Classics is priced at under $90 and receives five star ratings from consumers. This highly versatile media center can be used as both a TV stand and coffee table, and its mocha finish makes it the perfect fit for almost any interior design or room styling.
Store components, cable set tops, and gaming devices on the deck below to keep them organized, safe, and out of the way. When used as a coffee table, the lower platform can also be used to store books and magazines while the main top level can be used for larger, weightier objects. Because it is sturdy enough to place a television on, when used as a coffee table, this Classic Lines component is strong and durable, withstanding years of use in either form.
Other TV stands and media centers are overpriced, unwieldy, and made from materials that are nowhere near as long lasting or durable. Glass media centers are fragile and have sharp edges that aren't safe for homes where children or infants live. And other TV stands on the market today are exceptionally difficult to put together, made from flimsy materials that won't stand the test of time.
Other TV stand vendors make the mistake of trying to offer an enormous inventory of media centers and stands, many of which are overpriced. They also have another large disadvantage: because so many televisions today can be wall mounted, many TV stands are not actually TV stands at all—they are merely tables under which a TV can be hung and cannot withstand the weight of a television.
So what does this mean for the media center shopper? It means they will also have to spend at least an additional $100 to $250 dollars for a wall mount for their television, and then pay to have it professionally installed, which is recommended, or undergo the exasperating task of installing it themselves—on top of putting together the TV stand itself, which was also probably purchased at a price of at least $100 to $150. All in all, these consumers will spend as much or more on their TV stand or media center than they did on the television itself.