Home organization is so much more than picking up your child’s toys, putting away the groceries in neat rows, and arranging cleaning supplies under the sink. Some living quarters are just too tiny to contain all of your stuff, even if you live modestly. Desperate times like these call for practical home storage solutions, which make the most of your limited space and don’t cost too much to implement. Below, we’ve shared five sensible ideas that can substantially increase the total storage in your home.
Expand Your Closet Storage
Think of your closet like a blank canvas. Sure, there might be a hanging rod for clothing, and a built-in shelf or two, but the rest of that space is just waiting to be utilized. Depending on your closet’s layout, you may want to invest in a hanging organizer for the inside of the doors, or a drawer organizer for the floor. The variety of closet storage solutions is mindboggling, so do a bit of research until you find the right products for your situation.
Create Additional Shelving
Next, your kitchen cabinets can certainly benefit from some extra shelving, especially if you haven’t taken advantage of the cabinets’ vertical space. We recommend investing in a stackable, corner, or step-shelf organizer, depending on your cabinet dimensions. Stackable cabinet organizers have deep trays that slide out for easy access, while corner organizers fit snugly on one side of a cabinet. Finally, step-shelf organizers are great for stacking herbs and spices, so you’re able to see all of your ingredients.
Invest in Basket Organizers
Baskets are the secret weapon of home organization — they look amazing, they’re quite affordable, and they offer a quick way to eliminate clutter. Take a look around the house and see where a few well-placed baskets can boost your storage space. There may be room above your cabinets, on top of the bedroom dresser, or in various nooks and crannies of the house.
Place Pegboards on Unused Walls
If you’ve harnessed every square inch of shelving and closet space, and you still need space, you’ll need to be more creative. Why not use the walls? Securing a pegboard to your closet or garage wall can instantly create a hanging storage area, which is great for purses, jewelry, power tools, and sports equipment. You can cut a piece of pegboard to fit your closet’s exact dimensions, or purchase a garage workbench with a full pegboard attached.
Get Crafty with DIY Solutions
Home storage solutions can be fun, funky, and brilliant at the same time, especially when you’re presented with a specific problem, but have limited means to solve it. For example, you may want to cut a hole in your closet to construct a hidden cabinet, or build a thin shelving unit that rolls between your refrigerator and kitchen drawers. There’s a huge DIY community on the web and plenty of tutorials to learn from, so join in the fun!