Toys are a huge source of creativity and joy in a child’s life. They build a deep attachment to their toys, so they deserve a place to store them, treat them with care, and keep the floor clean. Below, we’ve shared a few kid-friendly storage solutions for a bedroom, playroom, or family room. Colorful Bin System
Build a Colorful Bin System
For children (and adults), it’s easy to categorize by color. The Seville Classics 9-Bin Organizer comes with nine bins that span the rainbow. Red, orange, green, blue, and purple bins help your child to learn basic organization skills, so they have a dedicated space for their toys.
Have fun with your child and see how they choose to color-code their collection. Perhaps they’ll put the action figures in one bin, and the building blocks in another. With an included Allen wrench for easy assembly, the three narrow bins and six wide bins provide plenty of storage for your child’s play area.
Toy Storage Cubes
Hide Toys in Storage Cubes
Bin organizers are great for showcasing toys, but what if you’re dealing with limited space and want your child’s bedroom to feel less cluttered? In that case, we recommend the Foldable Storage Cube/Ottoman which doubles as furniture and storage. Made with non-woven polyester, the cushioned lid is perfect for seating extra guests or putting your feet up. Lift the lid, and you can hide up to 30 pounds of toys, blankets, and other knick-knacks inside.
Use Baskets for Larger ToysStorage Baskets
Meanwhile, the Large Round Wicker Weave Hamper offers an effortless storage solution, especially for bigger toys. Woven with water-resistant polypropylene, the basket is highly durable and will bend when flexed. If it gets dirty, you can just wash it with soap and water. It’s a tastefully designed laundry hamper, but it’s also great for storing anything toy-related.
Save Space with Canvas Boxes
Canvas BoxesFinally, the Canvas Storage Box Set is a highly efficient solution for storing toys, clothes, and more. Designed with a see-through PVC window so you know exactly what’s inside, your children can get to their toys with the easy open-and-close Velcro lid. . When not in use, the polyester boxes fold up neatly and take up minimal space.
At Seville Classics, we’ve been designing bedroom storage solutions for more than 30 years. Whether you need a cubby for your child’s playroom, or a basket for those larger items, we make it easy to assemble products at home without extra tools. We hope you enjoyed these storage suggestions—visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook pages for more inspiration!