A well-made drawer organizer can instantly transform a room, and at Seville Classics, our 10-Drawer Organizer Cart is versatile enough to clear clutter in any area of the house. Available in black, multi-color, and frosted white, it’s easy for this organizer to blend into your bathroom, art supply closet, or office space. Below, we’ve showcased a few rooms where the 10-Drawer cart can help you find small items fast, so you stay focused on more important tasks.
1. Garage
Like a more affordable toolbox, our organizer cart works wonders in a messy garage, allowing you to compartmentalize tools and small items. Each drawer is molded from high-grade polypropylene, while the organizer’s frame is crafted from chrome-plated steel, so it’s quite a sturdy piece. With a depth of 2.6” and a length of 13.5”, there’s plenty of storage space to fit larger tools.
Quick Tip: To keep items in their exact place, line the bottom of each drawer with a nonstick rug pad. The material is inexpensive and easy to cut, ensuring that you find tools right away when opening a drawer.
2. School/Office
Depending on your office space, a pearlized multi-colored organizer might not send the best message to prospective clients (in that case, we suggest black) but it’s great for home use. With two drawers in each color — red, orange, green, blue, and purple — it’s so easy to categorize all of your items. For example, the red drawers can carry colored pencils and other art supplies, while the blue drawers can hold stationery and office materials. Your children may also enjoy a multi-colored organizer in their bedroom, where they can put schoolwork, crayons, and smaller toys.
Quick Tip: Use some old jewelry boxes or shoeboxes to create instant partitions inside your drawers. That way, paperclips and pushpins won’t disperse in a messy fashion, and you can utilize the full height of each drawer.
3. Bathroom Vanity
Finally, the bathroom might not seem like the ideal place to put a drawer organizer, but in frosted white, our 10-Drawer cart blends in quite nicely. The typical medicine cabinet is only a few inches deep, which makes it impossible to fit some haircare and makeup products inside. However, a drawer organizer gives you plenty of space to work with, while only taking up 15.51” x 15.35” of real estate in your bathroom.
Quick Tip: Purchase a utensil tray — yes, the same one you’d use in a kitchen drawer — to consolidate your smaller makeup products, so they’re easy to access.
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