bin rack system
Whether you’re a weekend grease monkey with a fun classic car project or a small business mechanic with a small to medium sized shop, you know how quickly and easily it is to lose track of any number of car parts and tools.
Whether you’ve lost track of tire patch kits time after time, or you can never find the right spark plug for the precise engine you’re working on, it’s become clear—you need an inexpensive method for organizing your parts and tools. It’s time for at least one commercial bin rack for each work bay of your shop.
It goes far beyond disorganization when it comes to parts and tools. When parts inventory runs low, do you know whether its because items have been misplaced, stolen, or orders simply didn’t come in? When you have all your car parts stored in a bin rack, you’ll know exactly what’s on hand, what needs to be reordered, and what has mysteriously gone missing.
With a variety of bin sizes from small to extra large, the Seville Classics 7-Shelf Commercial Bin Rack System is easy to wheel in and out as well as around your bay, making car parts and tools easy to find, easy to reach, and easy to replace when it’s time to move on.
Each bin has a labeling placard, so it’s easy to label what’s in each bin, and just as easy to move things around and change labels anytime you need to. Each of the polypropylene bins within the commercial bin rack storage system locks into place when closed, is easily slid open, and again, locks in place when open so the user doesn’t have to worry about the bin sliding shut or rolling all the way open and onto the floor, spilling car parts or tools.
Anyone who works in a shop or manages his or her own garage can tell you that the only bigger problem than inventory management is keeping things organized and clean. It’s hard to imagine a workspace within a repair bay or garage that doesn’t have grease on everything. In fact, it may be stated in some circles that if you don’t have a greasy garage, you’re probably not fixing much! But in earnest, one of the biggest advantages of having polypropylene plastic bins in your shop is how quickly and easily they wipe clean. That means a nice appearance for the occasional customer who stumbles into the work bay, and even more importantly, an effective way to cleanse and reuse bins in your shop or garage in any way you choose.
Whether you need one bin rack system or ten, having a system of part-filing in place in your car shop or garage is an essential method for staying organized and getting the job done right so that ultimately, the client is best served and returns time and time again because of your reputation for great work made possible by exceptional organization.