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  1. Car Windshield Sunshade: No More Burns

    Do you live in a sunny or hot area that heats up especially during the summer months? Ever find that your car is burning hot upon opening the door? The air and seats inside a vehicle can get extremely hot and even cause pretty severe burns. Making sure you are supplied with the best possible car windshield sunshade is one...
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  2. Garment Racks: A Way To Expand Closet Space

    Garment racks have garnered much attention in the past four years, mostly due to J. Crew’s creative director, Jenna Lyons’ closet. In 2010, Oprah was given a tour of Lyons’ closet and pleasantly surprised to notice that not many of her clothes were “on display” in her room. The garment racks Lyons used to hang her coats, dresses, and other...
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  3. Bookcase For Practical and Beautification Purposes

    Accumulating books is something that so many of us do. Over time, it is not uncommon for someone to have collected hundreds of books! However, it’s not always a great idea to keep your books in heap in the corner of your room. Do your books justice by providing them an attractive and useful bookcase. Using your own sense of...
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  4. Safety And Security With Hardside Luggage

    Traveling, especially by plane, can be a stressful ordeal for anybody. If you do not have the right type of suitcase or luggage handy, the stress level can shoot up right through the roof. Anybody who has had a luggage malfunction will likely tell you they wish they had made a better investment with their luggage choice. So which is...
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  5. Bistro Set: Just The Right Size For Your Patio

    Once you finally have your own home, decorating it properly can suddenly become an important aspect of your lifestyle and comfort. What was once something you might not have even thought about before can become something quite occupying. As far as patios go, an empty one is hardly ever a desirable place to entertain yourself, family, or guests. That’s why...
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  6. Which is Better: Wood or Plastic Cutting Boards?

    The discussion of whether wood or plastic cutting boards are more efficient for kitchen use is a critical one. If you are someone who is constantly or even just sometimes in the kitchen preparing food, it might interest you to know which of these two materials is a better fit for you and for your food preparation needs. According to...
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  7. Mail Organization

    When it comes time to keep your mail organized, whether it’s in the office or at home, you need a system in place that can keep everything within reach at a moment’s notice. As the old adage goes, “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” This idiom could not be truer when it comes to keeping your mail...
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  8. Winter Food Storage

    When it comes to living in areas that experience extreme weather conditions during winter and even early spring, the idea of having to run to the store everyday or a few times a week is generally not an option. For those who live in areas like this, Seville Classics offers a number of winter storage options. A variety of UltraHD...
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  9. Dorm Organizing Tips

    With students on the verge of matriculating for the spring semester, knowing how to organize (or reorganize) their dorm rooms is a top priority. For most college and university students living in a communal dormitory, organization can be a serious challenge. As a general rule, the reasons for this is that a dorm room must be shared with one other...
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  10. Post Holiday Home Organization Tips

    When the holiday season is over, many of us struggle to take down decorations, lights, the Christmas tree, and other home décor that just doesn’t belong hanging around the house, porch, or yard anymore. For this reason, Seville Classics brings you several ways to organize and store your holiday adornments, including the large items used as lawn ornamentation. To get...
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