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  1. The beauty of laundry sorters

    When it comes to doing laundry, this dreaded chore gets a lot easier when you have laundry sorters. We’re not talking about people who sort your dirty clothes from your clean ones—we’re talking about a sectional hamper that lets you separate your laundry into colors, fabric types and however else you want to divide your dirty clothes. Most people are...
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  2. Garage organizing at its best—Part Two

    So you’ve started the garage organizing process, thrown all the undesirable items away or donated them to charity and have grouped similar items together. You’ve boxed them up and sorted them, and by now, you’ve probably purchased any garage storage cabinets and garage storage shelving, and hopefully, installed them. Still not enough room to park your car? If not, we’ve...
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  3. Why Should You De-clutter?!

    When you hear the word “clutter,” it may conjure up images of a lawn full of garbage, overstuffed closets, boxes that take over the garage and chrome wire shelving on the brink of collapse due to overloaded junk. It evokes a feeling of general disarray and disorganization. Even if the clutter in your life doesn’t reach hoarder proportions, it can...
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  4. Organize Your Closet Like a Boss!

    If you're planning to do a little spring cleaning this weekend, we’ve got a few tips for making the whole process go much smoother. While it may seem daunting at first glance, with a few helpful items like shoe racks, laundry sorters or wire shelves, you can minimize your clutter with ease. Here are a few steps you can take...
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  5. Easy Garage Organization: Part One!

    The average person can barely fit their car into their garage. In fact, it's often embarrassing to leave their garage door open! If you can relate to this, then you probably desperately need to get your storage in order. Summer’s here and it’s the perfect time to start that garage organizing project. The garage is probably the most disorganized area...
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  6. Tips to Survive and Conquer Black Friday

    Black Friday also known as the friday after Thanksgiving has earned the reputation of being the busiest and most hectic shopping day of the year. The name was adopted from an accounting term - red ink denotes a negative profit margin, where as "in the black" denotes a positive profit margin. Many retailers make or break their sales goals between...
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  7. Coffee table that folds - Brilliant!

    I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I don't really have a lot of floor space in my living room. In fact every time I invite guests over, I need to clear my coffee table and move it into the bedroom. Or on those rare occasions when I do feel like working out in front of the television set, I have to brush aside that clunky table, risking certain injury running into it when I'm done. Enter the newly design Classic Lines Coffee table - this thing folds up so that you can easily store it away. Now I can do my karaoke kick dance in peace. The Classic Lines coffee table is available here for $89.99. Continue reading →
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  8. Replacement Part Form

    If you would like to request for replacement parts for a Seville Classics item, please download and fill out the Replacement Part Form and email the form to [email protected] If available, please also send us your confirmation email, receipt (if purchased at an associated retailer), and/or images of your damaged or missing part(s) which would assist in processing your request...
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  9. Greetings!

    Salutations from all of us here at Seville Classics! We are excited to bring you this new blog to share some fun ideas for your home, office and more. Every week we will discuss new topics focusing on improving the quality of everyday living - from the fingertips to the kitchen sink. We hope that you will find our new...
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