Stay Organized During the Holiday Season

The holidays are a joyous occasion, but they can also be filled with stress, especially if you leave important errands until the last minute. At Seville Classics, we believe in planning ahead with holiday shopping, gift wrapping, and home storage, so that you have enough time to relax with family and friends. Below, we’ve outlined how you can develop a home organization system that’s effective at keeping the season bright.

Create a Plan of Attack

Before buying gifts or digging for tree ornaments, make a quick checklist of all the tasks you need to accomplish before the holiday. Start by listing the obvious things — like the people you need to buy gifts for — and then get more specific with tasks that you need to accomplish so that holiday parties and family traditions go off without a hitch. Once you’ve written out an entire list, it’s easy to break down the responsibilities into manageable chunks that can be completed on a day-by-day basis, and then write these down in your calendar. That’s home organization done right.

Schedule Time for Holiday Shopping

Christmas and Hanukkah shopping takes a lot of energy, especially if you have a big family. Don’t wait until the eleventh hour to buy gifts! It’s not worth the stress, and the closer you get to the holidays, the harder it is to find those coveted toys. We recommend setting aside a full shopping day at least three weeks before Christmas, so that you can pace yourself and not contend with other shoppers. If possible, try to shop online as well. You’ll find deals and gift ideas on the web that big-box stores just can’t compete with.

Wrap Gifts in Advance

For many parents, wrapping gifts has become a Christmas Eve tradition, but it’s way less fun than putting out cookies and milk for Santa. Instead of wrapping late into the night, we suggest buying gift wrap a few weeks early, and then setting aside a few evenings to wrap presents as you buy them. To save money in the future, store all of the extra wrapping paper and ribbons in a dedicated bin, so that you can wrap a gift at a moment’s notice. For smart home shelving, we recommend using a clear container for this, so that the holiday bin is easy to locate.

Decorate with the Family

Next, choose a weekend with your spouse and children to light up your home, buy a Christmas tree, and decorate it with ornaments. There’s nothing more important than enjoying these holiday traditions with the people you love, so it’s worth making time in your busy schedules. Sweeten the deal with some hot cocoa and holiday cookies, and everyone will have a great time.

Don’t Wait on Mailing Holiday Cards

Finally, if you’re planning to send out holiday-themed cards to close friends and family, don’t procrastinate! Writing thoughtful notes to each recipient takes time, but personalizing the cards is worth the extra effort. We recommend creating a spreadsheet with every recipient’s name and address, and then writing a few cards per day after Thanksgiving weekend.

Seville Classics Tower Fan Featured in ReviewLab

This October and November, the respected online platform ReviewLab listed Seville Classics’ 17” UltraSlimline tower fan as the Best Value on the market. This product recommendation is part of their monthly Best Tower Fans guide, which shares the best fans in a variety of categories.

“The Seville Classics UltraSlimline is a perfect fit for people looking to cool their space when they don’t have as much room to spare,” write the ReviewLab editors. After analyzing a variety of product attributes, they awarded the UltraSlimline a score of 86 out of 100. Their recommendation relies on three main factors: quiet fan functionality, compact housing, and impressive settings for the price.  

At only $29.99, the 17” UltraSlimline is a better value than any other tower fan. It has three speed settings, three sleep timer options (1, 2, and 4 hours), and oscillation features. With a footprint under 1 square foot, you can set the fan on a desk, countertop, or workbench and never feel cluttered.

Currently, the 17” UltraSlimline has more than 750 reviews on Amazon and plenty of satisfied customers. Reviewers love the quiet and powerful airflow, compact design, and remote control with LCD display.

ReviewLab is dedicated to researching the best products available online, analyzing customer reviews, and scoring attributes like value, quality, and brand. They use an in-house algorithm to gather and process this data, so they can gauge how real people actually feel about their purchases. In short, their goal is “to be your most trusted resource for finding the best products online.”

For more than three decades, Seville Classics has been an innovator in home appliances, both large and small. Our portable tower fans pack tremendous power in a tiny package. They stay quiet at the highest speeds, and offer satisfying oscillation options as well. Visit our blogPinterest, or Facebook pages to learn more about our remarkable tower fans!

Seville Classics Cutting Board Featured as One of Natalie Morales’ Top Kitchen Picks

This August, the popular print and online magazine CookingLight asked NBC anchor Natalie Morales for her “top kitchen picks”. She offered four practical recommendations that she uses in her home kitchen, including the Seville Classics Bamboo Cutting Board with 5 Color-Coded Flexible Cutting Mats.

“I have this cutting board set by the side of the sink at all times,” Natalie says of the Seville Classics cutting board. She loves using the color-coded mats for different ingredients, so that there’s no risk of cross-contamination when prepping a meal. The 5 mats slide easily into the durable bamboo cutting board, conserving space in your kitchen.

Meanwhile, the bamboo cutting board is more resilient and eco-friendly than traditional hardwood. It’s also easier on knives, so you won’t need to sharpen or replace your cutting utensils as often. To clean the board, simply wash it with warm water and dish soap, let it dry naturally, and wipe it with mineral oil to keep the bamboo healthy.

With more than 890 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 average score, the Bamboo Cutting Board set has its share of fans. Customers love the colorful mats, quality bamboo construction, and affordable price. At only $29.99, it’s a highly useful tool for your personal or commercial kitchen.

Natalie Morales is best known for her roles on the Today Show, NBC Nightly News, and Access Hollywood. Before she joined the Today Show team in 2006, she was an anchor on MSNBC from 2002-2006. She is respected for her tips on cooking, health, and entertainment. Today, she lives in Los Angeles, working as the Today Show West Coast correspondent and host of Access Hollywood.

For more than three decades, Seville Classics has been an innovator in kitchen solutions. Our bamboo cutting boards are durable, hygienic, and eco-friendly. Visit our blogPinterest, or Facebook pages for more kitchen tips!

Types of Shelves (and How to Decorate Them)

In this guide, we’ll describe three practical shelving styles and share how we can decorate shelves so that they blend into any room. At Seville Classics, our shelving is NSF-certified for optimum cleanliness and safety. Whether you need a rack system for your garage, or a utility cart for your business, these three shelving types are versatile enough for personal and commercial use.

Commercial Bin Rack Shelving

With the, You can quickly organize and retrieve small items using the handy polypropylene bins in our 7-Tier NSF 16 Bin Rack Shelving unit. Perfect for an industrial warehouse, garage, or office supply closet, the powder-coated steel frame can withstand serious wear and tear. Simply adjust the shelving height and bin locations to your needs, and get to work!

How to Decorate Shelves:

  • Group items together by material, project, or theme for smarter organization.
  • Use the space above the top shelf for a decorative flourish. You can select a pleasing piece that wouldn’t normally fit in the actual shelf space.

Steel Wire Shelving

Next, these all-purpose units are designed for almost any space. They look incredible in a kitchen, office, garage, or bedroom closet, with UltraZinc-plated steel that has a chrome-like sheen. Models like the 4-Tier UltraZinc NSF Steel Wire Shelving have plenty of storage space, and each shelf can support up to 350 pounds. With a 10-year limited warranty, you can feel confident using the steel wire shelving in a demanding office environment.

How to Decorate Shelves:

  • Label a few decorative boxes and store smaller items inside, while also adding some color to your shelves.
  • Arrange items by type, so that you create a neat shelving layout.
  • Use your shelves as a showcase for your personal collection. Whether you collect funny coffee mugs, gems from different countries, or action figures, there’s an elegance to virtually any items presented in a comprehensive fashion.

Commercial Utility Carts

Finally, this mobile storage unit is ideal for a large office or unconventional kitchen layout. With four heavy-duty locking wheels and a metal handle bar, you can easily roll up to 500 pounds between rooms. The 3-Shelf UltraZinc Commercial Utility Cart has enough space for kitchenware, food, office supplies, and important paperwork.

How to Decorate Shelves:

  • Transform your cart into a drink serving station when entertaining guests at home.
  • When in doubt, select bold decorations over smaller accessories, so that you make a real statement instead of adding clutter.  
  • Make sure your cart matches the surrounding space. For example, if you’re working in a minimal office, try to reflect that with your cart’s presentation as well.

For more than 35 years, Seville Classics has been a leader in shelving solutions. Our NSF-certified steel shelving units are built to last, with no tools required for assembly. Use them to organize your garage, de-clutter your kitchen, and tidy up your closet. To learn more about our utility shelving collection, visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook pages, and get inspired!

How to Use a Standing Desk (and Choose the Right One)

In this guide, we’llshare how to use a standing desk and choose the right model for your needs. We’ve also outlined the health benefits of a standing desk as an alternative to traditional seated options. At Seville Classics, we have a variety of height-adjustable standing desk models, from mobile desks to pneumatic desktop converters. These workplace marvels can improve your posture, keep your blood flowing, and help you burn calories during the day.

Choosing a Standing Desk

  1. First, you’ll need to decide whether to purchase a height-adjustable standing  desk or a desktop converter which transforms your normal desk into a standing setup. If you’re interested in replacing your desk, you might want a height-adjustable standard office desk. If  you simply want to upgrade your current desk, a converter may be a better fit.  


  1. Once you’ve narrowed down your desk style, take time to select the right model for your height. For example, the AIRLIFT XL Sit-Stand Mobile Desk has a maximum height of 41.9 inches high, while the AIRLIFT S2 Standing Desk has a max height of 48.4 inches high. Ideally, the desk should adjust to your elbow height when seated or standing.

  1. After buying and assembling your furniture, it’s time to learn how to use a standing desk. First, practice raising and lowering the desk height, until you find a comfortable setting that doesn’t strain your neck. Once you’ve gotten used to your standing desk, we recommend alternating between standing and sitting positions every hour or so.

Benefits of a Standing Desk

  • By keeping your computer at eye level, you can improve your posture, instead of slouching in a chair.
  • Standing builds core strength and burns more calories than sitting.
  • Recent studies show that prolonged sitting can result in a stronger likelihood of colon cancer and breast cancer. With a standing desk, you can avoid those risks and stay active.  

For more than 35 years, Seville Classics has been an innovator in workplace solutions. Our standing desks offer tremendous health benefits at affordable prices. Use them to stay active during the workday, and adjust the desk height to your specific needs. Visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook pages to learn more about how standing desks can change your professional life!

The 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Every holiday season, we find ourselves scrambling to buy gifts at the last minute, wishing we had started sooner. When you’re shopping for family, friends, and co-workers, those holiday gift ideas can be difficult to pin down. This year, why not give the gift of organization?

At Seville Classics, we have something special (and useful) for everyone in your life. That’s why we’ve crafted this holiday gift guide – so you can find the perfect organizational tools for the people you love. Use the guide as a jumping-off point for your shopping journey.

For Mom
: Shoe and Wine Racks

If your mom has a minor shoe obsession, give her the 3-Tier Bamboo Slat Utility Shoe Rack this year. With enough space to store 12 pairs of shoes, and a stackable feature for further expansion, this powder-coated steel rack looks incredible in a foyer or closet. Meanwhile, mothers who love wine will appreciate the 40 Bottle Solid Wood Wine Rack. The elegant birch wood design is a perfect showcase for her collection, and assembly is simple.



For Dad: The Heavy-Duty Workbench

This holiday, give your dad a space to turn his dream project into a reality. Our UltraHD workbenches provide a solid hardwood surface for 

complex projects, a heavy-duty steel frame that can support up to 1000 pounds, and leveling feet for optimal safety. We recommend the 25×72 Commercial Workbench for dads without a dedicated workspace, and the 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench if you’re looking to spoil him.

For Your Children: Storage Cubes and Tower Games

Mentioning the word “organization” will cause most kids’ eyes to glaze over with boredom, but at Seville Classics, we’ve found a way to make it fun. The Foldable Storage Ottoman is the perfect storage/furniture hybrid for their bedroom, and an excellent way to teach them about staying organized. In fact, you can hide some toys (like the Giant Block Tower Game) inside the ottoman before wrapping it, and your kids will have a blast opening this gift-within-a-gift.

For the Home Cook: Color-Coded Cutting Boards

Chefs need a durable and hygienic cutting surface, and the Bamboo Cutting Board set has 7 color-coded mats for various ingredients. Each mat has a distinct food icon (like a cow, tomato, or fish) so that you keep ingredients separated. Meanwhile, the end-grain bamboo puts less strain on your knives, and the surface is stronger than hardwoods. It’s a thoughtful gift for the culinary lover in your life.


For the Workaholic: The Standing Desk

By now, you’ve probably heard that sitting for prolonged periods is terrible for your health. That’s why standing desks are so vital. Save a friend or family member some grief by gifting them the AIRLIFT S3, a height-adjustable standing desk with solid steel construction. Simply press the built-in buttons to adjust the desk from 25.6” to 51.4”, depending on your height. If the S3 is too large, we suggest the AIRLIFT XL, a mobile standing desk that easily adjusts with a pneumatic lever.




For the Handy-Man Hobbyist: Pegboard Storage

There’s nothing quite like a pegboard set for a DIY craftsperson. It allows you to visually organize your everyday tools and supplies, so that they’re always within arm’s reach. We recommend the 8-Square Feet UltraHD Pegboard Set, which includes 23 pegs and a powder-coated steel pegboard. Use it to store your most commonly used tools and hardware like pliers, wrenches, screws and nails. Enhance your existing workshop or go for the big upgrade with the UltraHD Lighted Workbenches


For Your Favorite Teacher: School Supply Organizers

Finally, why not show appreciation for the educator who changed your life? The 10-Drawer Organizer Cart provides ample storage space for school supplies, stationery, and other class materials. Your teacher will love having multi-colored drawers, which are great for organization and add color to the classroom. Meanwhile, the Letter File Literature Organizer is another thoughtful gift for storing paperwork on a cluttered desk.

For more than three decades, Seville Classics has been a leader in organization and storage solutions. Whether you’re shopping for Mom, Dad, or the handyman in your life, we have organizational tools that keep on giving. Visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook page for more holiday gift ideas, and get inspired!

4 Practical Tips for Customizing Your Garage

In this handy guide, we’ve shared four of our favorite ideas for customizing a garage, so that you maximize your workspace and boost productivity. Installing a workbench and cabinets is only the first step. There’s so much you can do to make-over a garage, add functionality, and create the ideal environment for your needs.

Add a Built-In Sink

If you need running water in your garage, why not install a sink to your existing workbench? This is an excellent project for the UltraHD Rolling Storage Cabinet or Commercial Workbench. First, flip the sink upside-down and set it on the bench, so that you can mark the cutting area with masking tape. With a power drill and a jigsaw, cut around the entire perimeter. Then, apply sealing putty on the edges, so that the worktop stays dry. Click here to see a full rundown of the sink installation process.

Build a Bookshelf Between Cabinets

You can attach standalone shelves between two cabinets arranged next to each other and create a sturdy bookshelf. This is extremely useful if you’re building a garage office, or you want to keepa few technical manuals near your workbench. At Seville Classics, we carry extra shelves that fit specific UltraHD units, such as the Rolling Storage Cabinet. Built with heavy-duty steel and finished in a durable granite powder-coat, these shelves are perfect for building a bookshelf extension.  

Hang Unconventional Items on a Pegboard

Pegboards can be used in a variety of ways, such as hanging important tools and storing sports equipment. With the UltraHD Pegboard Set, you can hang virtually anything on your garage walls. For example, if your children need designated storage space for their toys, you can attach wicker baskets to the pegboard, and label each basket so they’re responsible for their things. Likewise, a pegboard set is an excellent place for hanging DIY craft materials, such as sewing thread and paint.    

Install Light Fixtures Above Your Workbench

Finally, you can brighten a dingy work area with some under-cabinet light fixtures. After rigging a wiring route to your power source with a junction box, it’s time to drill holes under the cabinet so that you can thread the wires through. Then, you’ll need to mount the fixture and connect it to the grid. Click here to see an extensive how-to guide for cabinet lighting, which has practical information that can be used anywhere in the house

For more than 35 years, Seville Classics has been a leading innovator in garage storage solutions and work furniture. Our UltraHD garage collection is durable, mobile, and fully customizable. Use these centerpieces as a starting point for your dream workspace. To see more garage transformation tips, visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook page and get inspired!

Seville Classics Storage Ottoman Featured in USA Today’s Best “Back-to-School” Purchases from Popular YouTubers

USA Today is one of the most widely circulated newspapers in the United States, and they regularly showcase impressive new products. Recently, their platform hosted a feature entitled “10 popular college YouTubers on the best ‘back-to-school’ purchase they ever made.” Writer Samantha Matt interviewed college YouTubers for the story, and the Seville Classics Foldable Storage Ottoman made an appearance.

Catherine Goetze has a YouTube channel called “Cath in College”, which documents her daily life at Stanford, as well as fun vacations she takes on school breaks. Catherine made a point of endorsing the Foldable Storage Ottoman as her best back-to-school purchase. In the USA Today article, she says “Having a couch is always high up on people’s lists of fun dorm room add-ons, but you never think about how badly you’ll want to be able to kick your feet up right after you sit down. Bonus points for ottomans that double as storage space.”  

With more than 850 reviews on Amazon and a 4.8 average score, the Foldable Storage Ottoman is a real knockout. Customers love the impressive weight capacity, hidden storage area, and pain-free assembly. For $19.99, you can add seating and storage to your dorm room with a single purchase.

Catherine’s ringing endorsement mentions that you can “kick your feet up” on the Foldable Storage Ottoman. In fact, the durable frame can support up to 400 pounds on the lid. That means you can sit comfortably on the ottoman, place heavy items on top of it, and store school supplies under the removable lid.  

For more than three decades, Seville Classics has been a leader in home storage solutions. Our ottomans are durable, comfortable, and easy to assemble. Visit our blogPinterest, or Facebook pages for more college storage tips!

NSF Shelving Decor

In this guide, we’ve shared some key details about NSF shelving, so that you learn why it’s so respected for hygiene and safety. At Seville Classics, we carry a wide range of NSF shelving units in platinum, UltraZinc, and black epoxy. They’re the perfect addition for your commercial kitchen, garage workspace, or office supply closet.

What is the National Sanitation Foundation?

Established in 1944, the NSF began as a set of guidelines for water fountains and luncheonettes. Over time, the organization has developed into a global force for health and safety. They’ve created dozens of safety standards for consumer and commercial items, with a rigorous testing process. Once a product passes the inspection, it’s stamped with the “NSF” logo.  

NSF Shelving Types

We have a few unique shelving styles at the Seville Classics store, including NSF rack storage, wire shelving, and commercial utility carts. First, the 4-Tier UltraZinc Steel Wire Shelving is a great all-purpose storage system, with support for 350 pounds on each shelf. Meanwhile, the Commercial 7-Tier 16-Rack Storage System includes 16 polypropylene bins that easily slide in and out of the NSF shelving unit. It’s the ideal system for storing small tools and office supplies. Finally, the 3-Shelf UltraZinc Commercial Utility Cart adds 4” wheels and a steel handle bar, for fast mobility around your workspace.

Benefits of NSF Certification

When working in a commercial kitchen or a busy office, your shelving units need to be food-safe, to ensure optimal hygiene. With NSF-certified shelving, your company can be confident that the units fulfill every criteria for workplace safety.  

Built with UltraZinc plating, our NSF-certified units are guarded against corrosion in dry weather, and many models can support 600 pounds per shelf. Moreover, every Seville Classics shelving unit is backed with a 10-year limited warranty, which safeguards owners against any material defects. All in all, the NSF logo is a dependable sign of quality and safety.

For more than 30 years, Seville Classics has been a leader in shelving storage. Our tough NSF shelving is built to last, no matter if it’s used in a commercial kitchen or home workspace. Whether you need mobile shelving on wheels, or a corner unit for a cramped space, we have a wide variety of NSF-certified models to meet your needs. Visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook pages to learn more!

Home Essential Tips: Organizing Garages of All Sizes

In this guide, we’ve shared how to keep your garage clean and clutter-free, no matter how large the floorplan. With a few simple additions, you can dramatically boost your storage space and maximize your garage’s utility. Our Seville Classics storage solutions have the durability to last for years, and many of the items are backed with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Hang Everyday Tools on a Pegboard

First, it’s crucial to use any available wall space for storage, so that you minimize the items cluttering your garage. With the UltraHD Pegboard Set, you have two 24”x24” panels to work with, and 23 pegs for hanging important tools. Moreover, the pegboard includes six hanging bins, so you can stash smaller items like nuts and bolts. This is an excellent addition to any garage, especially a cramped space without room for a standard tool chest.

Invest in Rolling Storage

Meanwhile, a rolling cabinet adds versatility to your garage, so you can maneuver the unit and accommodate your work needs. With the UltraHD 6-Drawer Rolling Cabinet, you have plenty of space for tools, and the cushion-lined drawers lock with a single key. Resting on heavy-duty castor wheels, it’s easy to roll the unit from one room to another with the chrome push bar. Finally, the smooth wood top is an ideal work surface for a confined garage.

Reduce Clutter with Wire Shelving

Without an organizational system, it’s easy for your garage to quickly turn into a mess. That’s why wire shelving is so essential. At Seville Classics, we’re proud to carry a wide variety of NSF-certified shelving units. Short for the National Sanitation Foundation, the NSF tests products for optimum safety and cleanliness. Depending on your needs, we have wire shelving in a few different styles, including black epoxy and UltraZinc steel.


Stash Valuables in a Locking Cabinet

Every garage can benefit from an all-purpose locking cabinet, and the UltraHD Commercial Heavy-Duty Storage Cabinet ticks every box. Built with a tough steel frame and granite powder coating, this unit can withstand serious wear and tear. The entire cabinet locks with a single key and magnetic latch system. It’s perfect for storing valuable tools, supplies, and documents.

For more than 30 years, Seville Classics has been a leader in garage storage. Our UHD line is designed with durable powder-coated steel and UltraGuard fingerprint-resistant materials. Visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook pages for more organization tips!