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  1. Fridge Organization and Storage

    There’s nothing quite like a clean fridge. With a few smart organizational habits, you can make the most of your fridge storage space and never over-buy food at the grocery store again. In this guide, we’ve shared five fridge organization tips that anyone can apply to their daily routine, so that food stays fresh and leftovers aren’t forgotten. Label Your...
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  2. Entryway Décor: How to Furnish an Entryway

    Often, we forget that the entryway is the first area that visitors see when entering our home. We usually worry about the kitchen and family room being clean, but we don’t cultivate a welcoming entryway for our guests. Furthermore, entryway décor isn’t just about making an impression. It also brings more balance to our lives, so that when we return...
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  3. Closet Desk Ideas: How to Turn a Closet into an Office

    In this DIY guide, we’ve shared five closet desk ideas that can utilize bedroom space and convert your closet into a fully functional home office. Your closet desk can stay out of sight when you’re not working, and then reveal a hidden office when it’s time to get productive. Essentially, you’ll be like Clark Kent transforming into Superman. Use a...
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  4. Top 3 Organizers For How To Clean Out Your Closet

    Spring cleaning is an opportunity to make a clean slate, so your closet only contains items that you wear and cherish. We know it’s not easy to stay organized throughout the year, and it’s definitely not easy to discard expensive clothing. However, if you invest in a quality closet organizer, you’ll already have the framework for a streamlined wardrobe. In this handy guide, we’ve shared how to clean out your closet using three of the best organizers on the market today. Continue reading →
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  5. Creative Ways to Utilize Wire Shelving

    At Seville Classics, we think of wire storage racks as a versatile tool, which you can use to enhance your lifestyle and get more productive. To that end, here are a few innovative ideas for wire shelving that go beyond traditional storage.   Continue reading →
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  6. 5 Garage Pegboard Ideas

    It’s hard to keep your tools clean and organized – especially when you’ve amassed a vast collection. To help with the process, we recommend installing a pegboard in your garage or warehouse. Pegboards are an incredibly versatile storage solution, with enough room to hang heavy power tools next to smaller specialty items. In this guide, we’ve shared five garage pegboard ideas to organize your space in a visually effective fashion.   Continue reading →
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  7. Modern Accent: Upgrade your Living Space with Contemporary Resin Furniture Pieces

    When brainstorming modern living room ideas, you should come up with a game plan. By placing some neutral pieces in the space, along with some modern accents, you can cultivate your own personal style. In this guide, we’ve shared how contemporary resin furniture can make your living area feel both cozy and sleek. It’s hard to strike a balance between modern styling and classic comfort, but resin designs are an ideal solution. shoe organizer Continue reading →
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  8. Workstations vs. Electric Desks

    Today’s standing desks and adjustable workstations often rely on built-in electric motors, which allow you to change the height with a single button press. In this guide, we’ve outlined some of the differences between the typical standing workstation and an electric desk. Whether you need a desktop converter for an existing desk, or you want to invest in a fully electric model, there are a wide variety of options available for different workplace scenarios. workstation Continue reading →
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  9. Garage Upgrades for 2018

    In this guide, we’ve shared a few garage organizing tips for 2018, so you can fulfill your New Year’s resolution and finally finish that big project! With the right storage solutions and workplace tools, your garage has virtually unlimited potential. Here’s to a productive and fulfilling year. Invest in a Workbench Think of a workbench like your central command hub...
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  10. Give the Gift of Health in 2018

    In this guide, we’ve shared some actionable tips for improving your health and wellbeing at the office in 2018. By investing in an adjustable sit stand desk and changing a few daily habits, you can transform your health this year. Start Standing Most office jobs involve hours of desk time, which means prolonged sitting and staring at the computer screen...
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