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  1. Types of Shelves (and How to Decorate Them)

    In this guide, we’ll describe three practical shelving styles and share how we can decorate shelves so that they blend into any room. At Seville Classics, our shelving is NSF-certified for optimum cleanliness and safety. Whether you need a rack system for your garage, or a utility cart for your business, these three shelving types are versatile enough for personal...
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  2. How to Use a Standing Desk (and Choose the Right One)

    In this guide, we’llshare how to use a standing desk and choose the right model for your needs. We’ve also outlined the health benefits of a standing desk as an alternative to traditional seated options. At Seville Classics, we have a variety of height-adjustable standing desk models, from mobile desks to pneumatic desktop converters. These workplace marvels can improve your...
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  3. The 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

    Every holiday season, we find ourselves scrambling to buy gifts at the last minute, wishing we had started sooner. When you’re shopping for family, friends, and co-workers, those holiday gift ideas can be difficult to pin down. This year, why not give the gift of organization? At Seville Classics, we have something special (and useful) for everyone in your life...
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  4. 4 Practical Tips for Customizing Your Garage

    In this handy guide, we’ve shared four of our favorite ideas for customizing a garage, so that you maximize your workspace and boost productivity. Installing a workbench and cabinets is only the first step. There’s so much you can do to make-over a garage, add functionality, and create the ideal environment for your needs. Add a Built-In Sink If you...
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  5. Seville Classics Storage Ottoman Featured in USA Today's Best “Back-to-School” Purchases from Popular YouTubers

    USA Today is one of the most widely circulated newspapers in the United States, and they regularly showcase impressive new products. Recently, their platform hosted a feature entitled “10 popular college YouTubers on the best ‘back-to-school’ purchase they ever made.” Writer Samantha Matt interviewed college YouTubers for the story, and the Seville Classics Foldable Storage Ottoman made an appearance...
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  6. NSF Shelving Decor

    In this guide, we’ve shared some key details about NSF shelving, so that you learn why it’s so respected for hygiene and safety. At Seville Classics, we carry a wide range of NSF shelving units in platinum, UltraZinc, and black epoxy. They’re the perfect addition for your commercial kitchen, garage workspace, or office supply closet. What is the National Sanitation...
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  7. Home Essential Tips: Organizing Garages of All Sizes

    In this guide, we’ve shared how to keep your garage clean and clutter-free, no matter how large the floorplan. With a few simple additions, you can dramatically boost your storage space and maximize your garage’s utility. Our Seville Classics storage solutions have the durability to last for years, and many of the items are backed with a manufacturer’s warranty. Hang...
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  8. Tips for Organizing Your Shoe Collection for Small Spaces

    In this brief guide, we’ve shared a few tips for keeping your shoe collection organized in a cramped living spaces. At Seville Classics, we have a wide variety of shoe racks and closet organizers that maximize tight areas. Whether you’re residing in a tiny dorm or a city apartment, you can take advantage of these tips to improve your living...
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  9. Five Dorm Essentials Under $30

    At Seville Classics, we know that college students can’t always afford fancy furniture and appliances, but that doesn’t mean you need study in discomfort. In this guide, we’ve shared 5 dorm room essentials. They’re all under $30, so that you have a clean and comfortable living space on a budget. Foldable Tufted Storage Ottoman, Alpine Gray First, this minimalist ottoman...
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  10. The Benefits of NSF Shelving

    In this brief overview, we’ve shared some background information about the NSF, so that you can learn why it’s a trusted badge of cleanliness and safety. At Seville Classics, we’re proud to carry a variety of NSF-certified products, including high-quality steel shelving units. We recommend using our shelving in your kitchens, offices, and industrial warehouses. What is the NSF? Short...
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