professional garage organizingAre you a wizard at garage organizing? Do you know how to optimize a closet with a few shoe racks, laundry sorters and other space savers? If you get an unrivaled level of fulfillment from transforming chaos and clutter into a respite of zen, then you may want to consider a career in professional organizing.
There are several skills that are essential to launching a professional organizing career. While natural organizing skills are an obvious must, you also should have a genuine interest in helping people. Have you ever helped a friend with her garage organizing project and felt thrilled by how much it changed things for her? If so, it’s a good indicator that this may be the perfect career choice for you. When you enjoy helping others maximize productivity and efficiency, then you’ll be able to make the most from this type of job.
People think differently and see physical space in disparate ways. When you’re organizing professionally, it helps to learn what drives others. If a client is extremely visual, then it may be helpful to install wire shelving somewhere they look at regularly, so they feel more productive and are always confident that they know where their necessities are. When you can figure out what makes people tick, you’ll excel in this type of career.
What is also integral to becoming a professional organizer is a marketing mindset and entrepreneurial spirit. You have to be willing to go beyond thinking about wire shelving and shoe racks and be able to devise a strong business plan that you can execute without faltering. You can’t be afraid to strike out on your own. The benefits of being your own boss are wide-ranging, from making your own schedule and choosing clients to the knowledge that you can strategize and implement your own action plan.
Another characteristic that will benefit an organizing career is the ability to network. If you want to build brand recognition for your business, it’s key to join professional groups and associations that put you at the forefront of the industry, where you can forge and cultivate relationships with people who can send you business, from contractors and interior designers, to financial planners and real estate professionals—basically anyone who can recommend you to potential clients.
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