wire shelving

Wire shelves find themselves at home in nearly every imaginable space of the home, school, or office—from garages and kitchens to laboratories, bookstores, coffee shops, bakeries, and even as a way to organize spa and massage spaces and home offices, wire shelves serve the universal purpose of organizing a huge variety of materials. But there’s one place where wire shelves could solve a lot of problems both organizationally and economically: in the education system for both the teacher and the student, from kindergarten to college.
Whether you’re a teacher warehousing multiple copies of the same book for a classroom of students, or you are a university student with dozens of heavy tomes to haul around campus, a wire shelf system could take a lot of weight off your shoulders.
Wire shelving can offer incredible storage for your books and other educational supplies: notebooks, canvases, texts, and a number of other items. But it’s hard to say what’s best about wire shelving for students and educators: it’s so affordable that it’s hard to find anything as reliable for the same price, yet it’s so durable and able to withstand so much weight, it’s hard to imagine any better benefit.
The 4-Shelf UltraZinc Steel Wire Shelving System offered by Seville Classics stores as much or more than any student or teacher could possibly have on hand. This system of shelves also comes optional with four wheels and locking casters, making it simple to have it incorporated into the daily classroom environment or even the modest small living quarters if a student with many school materials and even items for daily use, such as detergent, towels, clothes, and other school supplies.
Because it moves simply and seamlessly, this wire shelf unity is a great choice for highly mobile inventory in offices or for those who share their living space with others who may want it out of the way in a hurry. Constructed entirely from steel wire, this system of shelves is reliable, even on wheels, and comes with a 10-year warranty for students, teachers, and anyone else.
But what’s best of all about this shelving system is that its shelves can be separated any way you like—whether you need an enormous space for atlases and coffee table books, or you want as little space as possible between shelves to store slides and negatives, this 4-shelf steel wire system offers options for both scenarios.
Seville Classics brings you this zinc-plated wire shelving system for less than $65, with the capability of holding as much as 350 pounds. With the “chrome like” finish of UltraZinc, this shelf unit has a smart, sheen look that offers an attractive addition to any room while also complementing any other shelving units or wire shelf systems you have purchased from Seville Classics.
Convenient, within reach, affordable, and versatile usability, this UltraZinc wire shelf unit makes itself a mainstay of nearly any kind of room, but certainly the classroom or the personal student library in college, and beyond.