Traveling, especially by plane, can be a stressful ordeal for anybody. If you do not have the right type of suitcase or luggage handy, the stress level can shoot up right through the roof. Anybody who has had a luggage malfunction will likely tell you they wish they had made a better investment with their luggage choice. So which is a better choice between hardside luggage and soft side? We’re here to help you make the better selection!

The obvious advantage that hardside luggage has over soft side luggage is the fact that it has a better ability to protect valuables inside. With a thicker surface area, hardside luggage cases are a better choice for those of us who wish to carry things we do want to be impacted by the outside world. A disadvantage is that the hardside luggage cases tend to be a bit heavier.

Though the hardside cases can weigh more than their softer counterparts, the thickness and weight are what protect your belongings. However, there are certain hard materials such as polycarbonate that are lightweight so you don’t have to schlep around a super heavy case. Keep in mind that your luggage goes through a great deal when you drag it through airports, streets, and parking lots. Durable is the name of the game when it comes to protecting your things. Most hardside luggage cases have wheels so you can lean the bag over and pull it along. Wheels are essential to making the traveling process as undemanding as possible.

Hardside luggage cases that are made from the aforementioned polycarbonate material are wonderful because they expand and compress as needed. This way you can get the benefit of the hardside and the softer side. It is recommended that if your luggage does not come with a lock and key (though most do), purchase them for all your cases. You might think it unnecessary but for your own security, locking your luggage is a very wise decision.

Always be sure to inspect your luggage bags right as they come off the luggage carousel. If you see that your bag looks like it was broken into, go directly to airport security or customer service. They will be happy to help assist you and figure out what, if anything, went awry concerning your luggage.

Finding affordable hardside luggage is easy to do, as many department stores carry them—but they aren’t always up to snuff and don’t always come with a guarantee of return. Seville Classics suitcases are new, offer lock and key protection, and are in great shape. Picking a hardside luggage case is the leading choice for your safety, security, and peace of mind.