shoe rackSadly, summer is almost finished. The good news though, is that this means it's time to start thinking about your fall wardrobe! It also means you're going to have to make room in your house to fit all of your awesome new outfits. Don't panic, it's really not that hard. All you need are a few organizational items like shoe racks, slim line or huggable hangers, storage crates or laundry sorters, and you can streamline your closet or storage place into a fully functional fashion paradise.
Get started by tossing your old clothes out to make space for your new stuff. Obviously you'll want to separate your 'favorites' from the rest, but then be as ruthless as possible when you assess what’s left over. If something doesn’t fit well, is out of style or you haven’t worn it since last year, stick it in the can. Don’t hang onto any clothing because you're planning on losing weight. It just makes your life cluttered. If and when you do finally lose those last five pounds down the road, it will feel great to treat yourself to something brand new.
It sounds obvious, but hanging your clothing is a big space saver, so get some ultra slim or “huggable” hangers to maximize your closet space. Hanging clothing also results in an uniformed look that improves the overall aesthetic of the closet itself. You may also want to consider installing some plastic or wire shelving for your handbags, scarves, or belts that you don't have another place for.
You can also add a whole load of space to your closet by installing a closet rod expander. This virtually doubles the hanging area in your closet and lets you hang your blouses and tops above your skirts and pants. If you feel so inclined, you can go all out and install an expandable chrome closet organizer, which includes shelves made of wire or chrome, and two expandable hanging-rods for maximizing all your storage space.
Another way to make your life easier is to get one or two shoe racks. You can get a nice looking three-tier one that you can remove or add panels to according to the size of your shoe wardrobe. That is, you can have taller rows for boots and shorter ones for your flats.
If you have some expensive couture shoes that you'd like to separate from the rest, try to find some clear shoe box drawers so you can see through them easily. It might also be helpful to take photos or your shoes and attach them to the outside of the box so you know instantly what's inside and you can match them to your outfits without taking them out!
Finally, yet another great way to keep your closet organized is by utilizing laundry sorters. Actually, these great devices will also help keep your entire bedroom in order because they deter your from tossing dirty clothes on the floor. Plus, they make the process of doing laundry, and as a result your life, a little easier by allowing you to pre-sort your laundry effortlessly before your get it to the washer.