shoe rack shelfIf you have a pile of shoes on the floor gathered in a messy heap of pumps, sandals and flip-flops, you can organize them without hiring a fashion stylist or a pricey closet organizer. Using a few basic shoe racks and a shoe storage solution, you can get rid of the cluster of shoe clutter in 30 minutes or less.
Things You Will Need:

  • Shoe racks
  • Shoe rack shelves
  • Shoe cubbies
  • Clear plastic bins
  • Photos and tape for labeling shoes
  • Boot shapers
How to Organize Your Shoes Using Shoe Racks

Step 1 - First, sort your footwear by shoe style, and color. If necessary, break the shoes down further into work, weekend, special occasion, rainwear and athletic categories.
Step 2 - Assemble and stack your shoe racks for storage. Line the bottom of your closet with the racks. Don’t stack the units too high to allow room for clothes that may hang above the racks.
Step 3 – Place your shoes on display. Organize your footwear as you do your clothing: divide by hue, season and event, with the shoes that your wear the most at the top of the rack.
If you are still looking for simple ways to help organize your shoe wardrobe, here are 4 solutions to solve any fashionista’s footwear storage problems.

How to Solve 4 Classic Shoe Storage Problems

Problem #1: You are mixing your work shoes and evening pumps with weekend flats.
Solution: Use two open cubbies to divide your work and weekend shoes. You can use one cubby for pumps and loafers and use the other one for ballet flats, open-toed sandals and athletic shoes. Place your special-occasion shoes at the top of your closet or at the bottom of a shoe rack shelf in plastic clear bins.
Problem #2: You are short on closet space, and need a place to store 24 pairs of shoes.
Solution: Instead of hanging shoes on back-of-the door shoe racks that may hold only 12 pairs of shoes, store them neatly on an expandable shoe rack shelf. A sturdy shoe rack doubles your closet floor space and fits neatly at the bottom of your closet organizing system.
Problem #3: You need to see what shoes are stored in the clear plastic bins or cardboard shoe boxes located at the top of your closet-shelving unit.
Solution: No more lifting up the cardboard shoebox to see what is inside. Label your shoes with photos of your footwear. Snap your shoes with your smartphone and print out the photo using a colored printer. Tape the picture to the outside of the box to help determine what shoes are stored in the bins.
Problem #4: The tops of your boots get slouchy and topple over.
Solution: Plastic shoe trees keep your shoes from falling down. If you don’t want to spend your money on boot shapers, stuff your shoes with plastic water bottles or acid-free white tissue paper. During the summer months, store your boots under the bed in clear, plastic boxes.