Rolling Workbench
From the bachelor’s dream garage to the shared family garage, all manner of projects are executed. From science fair winners to a simple tire change, and from the local home beer brewer’s space to the place we put an injured baby bird to mend, the garage in many ways is the most important room of the house that no one lives in, but that a lot of life takes place in.
A garage without any workable surface is just a place to park cars, and while that might seem like sound common sense to some, for most of us, a garage with no counters, no drawers, and no work lights makes a lot of very ordinary tasks and chores very difficult to accomplish. While a simple surface with no drawers is fine for some, others just plainly need more than what a typical garage comes standard with, and for those people, Seville Classics has a number of solutions.
Some of us are very serious about having a garage work table that spares no detail, while others just need a place to drop a few items from time to time between errands. Regardless of which category you fall into, Seville Classics has a garage work table for you.
For the serious, late night genius working on anything from engine parts to watch parts, the UltraHD Lighted Workcenter is just what the doctor ordered. No doubt, garage overhead lights and garage door bulbs are not great sources of light to work under. That’s why the Lighted Workcenter from Seville Classics offers a fluorescent overhead light along with a powerstrip to plug in your various power tools and even your laptop or tablet. What’s more, this lit work table fits neatly into a garage of nearly any size, and makes it easy to organize tools and other items with a pegboard that lays flush against the wall and allows space for up to 23 hanging hooks. And there’s no more hard-wearing garage work table—its corrosion resistant constitution and heavy duty ball bearings for heavy load drawers make this work area just as tough as it is pleasing to the eye.
Need more storage for your projects, knickknacks, and tools? No problem. By adding on the UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench, you’ll turn your garage from man cave to full blown industrial workspace. You’ll have ample room to store every tool and part you use, and then some—each of the 12 drawers comes with organizing dividers. With a lock and key central cabinet, you can store everything from warranties and manuals to blueprints, records, or literally, LPs. With a hardwood tabletop and a towel rack for wiping soiled hands and equipment, this is a lot more than a workbench or set of drawers, it’s a way to start the work and get the job done. This solid steel rolling workbench is a behemoth—but is still mobile on heavy duty casters so you can move it from one side of the garage to the other to accommodate more workspace, additional storage space, and more.