organize your home shelfWhat do you do when you live in an apartment or small home without much storage space? You can have all the storage shelving in the world, but if you don’t have enough room, you’re smack in the middle of a catch-22 situation.
When you find yourself in this type of bind, it’s time to face the hard facts and make some ruthless decisions about your belongings. Once you’ve eliminated the riff raff or put the sentimental items into storage cabinets in the garage, then you can start de-cluttering your abode.
Getting organized and reducing clutter is challenging but worth every moment spent. You’ll actually feel lighter and less stressed without tons of items around you—and when you see your belongings nicely organized in storage shelving, it will make you feel more productive, or know that you can be when you need to bring home some work. It will even be esthetically pleasing if you have some nice chrome wire shelving to store all your paperwork and office supplies.
Once you’ve gotten rid of the excess, analyze your space. Think about how you want each room or area to function in order to maximize efficiency and productivity. This will also help you decide what things need to stay inside, what can go into storage cabinets in the garage and may even give you a few more things to throw away.
Now that you have an idea in mind for how to use each area of your living space most effectively, make some objectives for further organizing. A standard goal for every room can be to reduce the visual clutter. This can easily be done through the use of file cabinets, chrome wire shelving and plastic storage bins in all sizes. Then you can make assessments based on the purpose of each room—a library or office space will obviously do well with a bookcase, your kitchen can benefit utensil organizers and possibly a rolling butcher’s block, and your closet will be better off with shoe racks and laundry sorters. Keep plugging away at each room and over time you’ll enjoy your home more and boost productivity.