When it comes to doing laundry, this dreaded chore gets a lot easier when you have laundry sorters. We’re not talking about people who sort your dirty clothes from your clean ones—we’re talking about a sectional hamper that lets you separate your laundry into colors, fabric types and however else you want to divide your dirty clothes.
Most people are familiar with items that make your closet a little more organized, such as shoe racks, slim line hangers and chrome wire shelving. Yet quite a few are completely unfamiliar with laundry sorters. Basically, they are fancy hampers that have several compartments so that you can sort your laundry before you do it, which streamlines laundry day in a substantial way. For example, if you only want to throw a load of whites in the washing machine, you know that you can grab the section that you allocated for whites, throw it in a basket and head to the Laundromat, or if you’re lucky, to the laundry room of your house.
A great benefit that laundry sorters provide is that you can separate delicates from permanent press and stronger materials. This allows you to remove each section individually so that you can ensure you wash your clothes with the proper temperature.
Like other closet organizational tools that make life much easier, such as shoe racks and wire shelves, you can get these specialized hampers with wheels on them, so you simply have to wheel them into the laundry room. This allows for mistake-free multitasking and helps to make sure you don’t make mistakes that ruin any precious items of clothing. It also allows you to go from room to room collecting laundry if you have a big family. They also keep you from lifting heavy laundry baskets or dropping items of clothing on the ground when in transit to the washing machine.
Probably one of the major benefits is the time you save on laundry day, which is a day that most people dread, especially those who let their dirty clothes build into mountains. There are laundry sorters available with triple compartments and even four! The sorters come in many different materials, such as canvas, mesh and other functional options. Some even come with a hanging bar that is great for hanging clothes while they dry.
Just like nifty gadgets and tools like chrome wire shelving and other functional organizers, these cool hampers will save you time, stress, and mess-free. Laundry can get out of hand and give your room or closet and undesirable cluttered feel. The bottom line is, when you’re organized, life is just easier, more convenient, and ultimately, a lot better.