Garage Storage CabinetsYou’re finally ready to make the move and get started on that garage organizing project you’ve been putting off. You’ve got everything boxed up, so now what?
It’s time to get a few tools to make your life easier. Luckily, there are lots of specialty items for garage organizing that will streamline your space and keep your garage clutter-free for years. You may even be able to fit your car in it!
First off, you’ll want to get some cabinets for garage storage and some shelving for boxes and smaller items. Avoid plastic when it comes to storing heavy boxes—the safest bet is always wire shelving, as the weight of the boxes could break any shelves made from lightweight materials, and therefore, damage the contents of the boxes.
Make sure you store items conveniently and in a sensible way. If you have cabinets that are assigned for garage storage of some of your children’s favorite playthings or sports equipment, make sure they are put somewhere within their reach—that way they can put things back easily as well.
A great strategy is to create toolkits of items that are related to the same task. Keep the tools that are dangerous in a sturdy tool chest that locks. Try one with ball bearing sliding drawers and a heavy-duty wood top so you can perform simple tasks on it.
Make the most of the space in your garage by storing as much as you can off the ground, with a wall storage cabinet, for example. Another great tool that is perfect for garage organizing is a mobile rolling cabinet/work center that doubles as a garage workbench.