tangled christmas lightsIn this seasonal guide, we’ve shared a few of our favorite tips for holiday decoration storage. It can be stressful to locate your decorations, take them out of storage, hang them up, and then return them in one piece. At Seville Classics, we want you to spend quality time with family and friends, instead of de-tangling Christmas lights and preparing the garage for winter With a few of these common-sense strategies, you can make decorating so much easier.

Invest in Holiday Decoration Storage

Ultra Zinc Steel ShelvingSteel wire shelving is perfect for all-purpose storage, including holiday decorations. If you need a serious storage boost, consider the 6-Tier UltraZinc Steel Wire Shelving unit, which can support up to 500 pounds per shelf and comes with locking wheels for mobility. Meanwhile, the 3-Tier UltraZinc Cabinet Organizer is suitable for an existing cabinet or countertop, and you can use it to stash smaller storage boxes.  

Use Canvas Storage Boxes

Instead of relying on cardboard boxes from the office supply storage, why not try a reusable solution with a see-through front? The Canvas Storage Box Set lets you see exactly what’s inside, so you can quickly distinguish between Halloween, Easter, and Christmas decoration storage containers. When not in use, simply fold up the boxes and keep them in a closet until the holidays are over.  

Store Ornaments in a Protective Chest

Holiday ornaments can be extremely fragile, but if you store them in a heavy-duty container, you can avoid potential breakage. We recommend keeping them in a hard-shell chest with soft dividers, so no ornaments are touching each other. For even more protection, you can wrap the ornaments in tissue paper until they’re securely in place.

Protect Your Artificial Tree

Likewise, if you have an artificial Christmas tree, you should take precautionary measures to ensure that your tree isn’t damaged during the year. Storage products like the TreeKeeper provide a protective shell for the tree, with optional wheels that let you roll it from the garage to the living room.  

Keep Seasonal Items Out of the Way

Floating Wire ShelvingFinally, it’s best to store your Christmas decoration storage containers in a place that’s easy to access, without blocking the rest of your garage. Elevated solutions like the Floating Steel Wire Mesh Storage Shelves allow you to keep holiday decorations separate from your other storage items. Each shelf can support up to 40 pounds safely, which is perfect for your small and mid-sized holiday decorations.
For more than 35 years, Seville Classics has been a leading innovator in home storage solutions. Whether you need a shelving unit for Christmas decoration storage, or a canvas box for your Hanukkah décor, we have options for every holiday under the sun. To learn more seasonal storage tips, visit our blog, Pinterest, or Facebook page and get inspired!