Last week, we gave you some great ideas for Christmas gifts that included organizational tools like garage storage cabinets, shoe racks, laundry sorters and wine racks. We could go on for weeks about other great tools to give for the holidays, but we thought we should share some of the reasons why something as simple as chrome wire shelving can make the perfect Christmas gift.
The benefits of being organized are vast and varied—so when you wrap up some chrome wire shelving, you’re actually offering your friends and loved ones ways to do the following:
1. Enjoy more time to themselves. When your gift recipients don’t waste time searching for things they need for the day, like their briefcase, keys or wallet, both their home and work life will run more smoothly and efficiently. So, in essence, you’re giving them the gift of time.
2. Save money. When they don’t have to buy a second can opener because they know where the one they originally purchased is, they won’t waste money on that unnecessary replacement. Therefore, you’re actually giving a gift of money. Or savings, anyway!
3. Lower stress levels. Sturdy storage shelving can make for an organized home and work environment, which results in increased productivity and reduced stress. Clutter literally creates stress, so removing it will therefore decrease it. Translation: you’re giving the gift of health!
4. Streamline a closet space. By integrating laundry sorters and shoe racks into a closet, you can significantly increase space for more clothes and shoes. So you’re giving another hidden gift: a bigger wardrobe!

5. Make a great impression. When a person is pulled together, in both appearance and the space that surrounds them, they look classy and reliable. So giving some storage shelving will actually improve the first impressions they make on an everyday basis!
6. Create space for toys. Simple tools like garage storage cabinets can create a streamlined appearance for a garage, and leave room for a variety of toys, from new bicycles and cars to snowboards and other sporting equipment. Translation: the gift of fun!