Your bedroom is a sanctuary. It’s where you wake up every day, where you spend time with your significant other, and where you sleep, so it should never feel cluttered. In today’s increasingly fast-paced world, it can be hard to balance work and relaxation time, so the bedroom gets neglected and littered with distractions. However, we believe that overworked people need downtime, and they deserve to have a bedroom that allows them to tune out for a few hours. Below, we’ve shared a few home storage solutions to organize your bedroom, so that it can be a place of relaxation, and not filled with anxiety.
Cleanse Your Closet
To improve your home organization skills, you need to set up a living space that’s efficient, neat, and intuitive. This starts with cleaning out your closet. First, go through your wardrobe and donate any clothing that you haven’t worn in months, and outfits you don’t see yourself wearing in the future. After eliminating the clutter, organize your wardrobe in easy-to-find sections. For example, you can hang the pants in one area, fold sweaters in another area, and arrange clothing by color.
Utilize the Space Under Your Bed
Underneath your bedframe, there’s a huge amount of storage space just waiting to be used. Perfect for luggage, extra linens, and sliding storage boxes, you can hide these items easily with a long bedskirt. Long and bulky objects that don’t fit in your closet (such as a guitar or exercise equipment) belong under the bed, so you can access them whenever necessary. If you need even more space, invest in footboard storage for your blankets and seasonal clothing.
Create a Dedicated Reading Area
In a messy bedroom, your reading chair and nightstands can quickly become an unofficial filing cabinet, with books and magazines stacked a few feet high. However, you want this reading area to encourage quiet contemplation, so last year’s magazines have got to go. We recommend investing in a magazine rack, as well as a small bookshelf for your permanent collection, so that your reading chair stays unoccupied.
Put Jewelry on Display
While a jewelry box is convenient for storing smaller pieces, it’s much easier to find jewelry that matches your outfit when it’s arranged on a hanging organizer. You can take a vintage picture frame, add nails and wire mesh, and paint it to create your own display, or just buy a premade organizer that hangs in your closet. This will give you plenty of space to arrange earrings, necklaces, and bracelets so that they’re easy to access.
Remove Work-Related Items
Ideally, work and relaxation should be kept separate, but it’s easier said than done. For a start, we recommend keeping laptops, paperwork, and planners out of the bedroom, so that you’re not tempted to keep working late into the night. Often, smart home organization is about creating compartments for different areas of your life. You wouldn’t eat dinner with your family in the bedroom, right? The dining room is for sharing meals, and the bedroom is for rest and relaxation. Keep work-related items away from the bedroom, and you’ll start to feel a noticeable reduction in stress.