Kitchen organization depends on smart systems, whether you have a giant cooking area or a cramped nook with a stove. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get organized, but you definitely need a plan of attack that fits with your daily routine. Below, we’ve outlined a few common-sense tips for creating a calm and efficient kitchen, so you can focus on the joys of cooking and good company.
Organize by Utility
First, an experiment: close your eyes and picture the ideal version of your kitchen. It’s probably spotless, every pot and pan are in the right place, and all the food in your pantry looks delicious. By implementing a few subtle tweaks, that imaginary kitchen can become a reality. You can start by pulling items out of each drawer, and then arrange them back in order of importance so that the tools you use every day are always within reach. By the same token, you can bury seasonal items in the back of your drawers, since you only need them once a year.
Create Manageable Groups
Next, look for similar items and group them together, so that they’re easy to retrieve. For example, all of your cups, bowls, pots, and specialty cooking gadgets should be collected into groups and have their own dedicated space. In most cases, you’ll need at least one shelf for each group. This category-based system also simplifies the cleanup process and maintains kitchen organization, since it becomes second nature to put items back on a dedicated shelf.
Hang Items Up
When all of your cabinet space is used up, start looking for convenient places to install hanging kitchen organizers. You might want to install a small pegboard on a wall near your stove, or purchase an over-the-door organizer that hangs inside your pantry. The former is great for pot holders and aprons, while the latter is perfect for snacks and dry goods.
Make Space for Tupperware
Of course, at least one kitchen drawer should be reserved for plastic containers, and these should be filed away neatly so that they’re easy to access. We recommend organizing the lids and containers separately, and then ordering them by size. Not only does this conserve the most cabinet space, but it also minimizes the time it takes to pair a lid with the right container.
Invest in Dividers
Installing a few dividers can definitely help to reduce clutter, whether you’d like to separate kitchen utensils or add a few sliding racks to your cabinets. These home organizers are relatively affordable, and they make daily life so much easier! At a minimum, we recommend investing in a drawer organizer for cutlery, and a sliding shelf organizer for your largest cookware.