Generally, the garage is the most neglected area of a house. Seen as a giant repository for everything that can’t fit in closets or bedrooms, most families don’t have enough space in their garage to store a car. Do we really need all that stuff? Below, we’ve shared five garage storage solutions that can reduce clutter and improve organization, so that when you need to retrieve an item, you know exactly where it is.
Your Garage is More than a Storage Unit
Think of your garage like a blank canvas, where you can work on DIY projects, store sports equipment and holiday decorations, keep your car clean, and much more. When boxes are stacked in haphazard fashion, and there’s no clear path from one end of the garage to the other, you’re severely limiting the possibilities of this space. It’s perfectly fine to store items in your garage, but you should be smart and efficient about how things are arranged, so that they’re easy to find and no space is wasted.
Group Items into Visible Categories
Garage organization starts with a sober look at every item in the room. Ask yourself: Do we actually need this? Is this useful, or does it belong in the trash? Sift through every box and create three piles — one to keep, one to donate to charity, and one to throw out. Then, start putting similar items into categories, such as sporting goods, tools, and holiday décor. Having a simple organization system ensures that you won’t have to dig next time you need a bike helmet or a special wrench.
Install Garage Storage Solutions
Of course, garage organization is made even easier with wire shelving and commercial bin racks. If you’re a craftsperson with a lot of tools, a commercial bin rack separates nails, screws, and art supplies into individual bins, so that they’re easy to access. Meanwhile, steel shelving is perfect for storing and organizing heavy boxes, so that they don’t take up unnecessary floor space. More even more utility, you can purchase a shelving unit with locking wheels, so that items can be rolled around at a moment’s notice.
Take Advantage of Vertical Space
Besides shelving, there are other ways to utilize the vertical dimension in a garage, including pegboards, hanging racks, and ceiling hooks. Pegboards are perfect for storing important tools and sports equipment that you use on a regular basis, and hanging racks can add shelf space above a workbench or countertop. Finally, ceiling hooks are a great way to hang bicycles, kayaks, and other outdoor gear that typically takes up a lot of space on the floor.
Create a New Floor Plan
When organizing your garage, consider how often you’ll be using each item, and then store it according to its utility. For example, Christmas lights and other holiday decorations should be stowed as far away as possible, because you only need to use them once a year. On the other hand, golf clubs and gardening tools that you use every week should be within arm’s reach. If your family enjoys cycling often, you can place bikes near the garage door, so that they’re easy to bring in and out. Try using a garage’s open floor plan to your advantage, and not your detriment.