shelving for storageA clean, organized kitchen makes for a happy chef. No matter how big or small your space is, you can streamline it into a great place for you to prepare your meals with a few organizational tools and ideas. With a few wire shelves and some other space saving tools, you can transform your kitchen into a stress-free area where you can truly enjoy cooking.
1. Get vertical. It’s a good idea to use as much vertical space as possible, especially in close quarters. This will maximize the space and make it feel airier and less cluttered. Hang shelving for storing tools and utensils that you use often or get stackable bins for them. Store your appliances in cabinets or the pantry. For your wine collection, get a standing vertical wine rack and push it close against a wall.
2. Move what you can into food storage containers. Put cereal, flour, sugar, and grains in plastic bins that stack. You’ll want to keep grains that you cook regularly with at eye level.
3. Store linens out of the way. If you have tablecloths, napkins or place mats that aren’t used on a regular basis, keep them in the linen closet. Put the dishtowels and linens you do use regularly in wire shelves either in the pantry or somewhere else that is easy to access.
4. Roll it out. Get a rolling utility cart that you can move to different areas of the space. Not only do they include shelving for storing household items, but you’ll also be able to use the surface as a work table for prepping and cooking all your meals. When you’re done with it, you can just roll it back to a corner of the room. In addition to creating more work and storage space, rolling carts makes it easier for you to reach the items you need.