[caption id="attachment_231" align="alignright" width="390" caption="Source: www.teronga.com"]desk organization[/caption]There are a multitude of reasons to organize your home and office. With a few wire shelves, some garage storage cabinets and other organizational tools, you can transform your life.
1. You want to make a good impression. Whether you have a hot date on the way or your boss is coming by to drop off some materials for you to review, when you have an overwhelming amount of clutter lying around instead of in nicely organized wire shelves, it looks like you may be a mess in other areas of your life.
2. You’ll be more prompt. When you have to waste time looking for your keys or those materials you need for a presentation, you’ll increase your stress and make a bad impression when you show up late.
3. You’ll look more put together. By having your shoes neatly organized in shoe racks (like this one!), you won’t need to spend time looking for a shoe’s mate or worse—you won’t need to switch your entire outfit because you can’t find the ones that work so perfectly with the one you planned.
4. You won’t need to store things in your car. This is not a good look! Buy some garage storage cabinets for those things you don’t want to store in the house and some other shelving for storage of things you do want to keep inside.
5. You’ll improve your health. When your life is more organized and decluttered, your stress levels will be reduced. Having a clean environment at work and home will make you happier and more productive.
6. Your wardrobe will last longer. Organizing your closet will protect the investment you’ve made in your wardrobe. Get slim line hangers to maximize space, get shoe racks so you can store your clothes separately from your clothes and throw some laundry sorters in to keep the clean clothes away from the dirty ones.
7. You’ll avoid late fees. A simple filing system will help you pay bills on time and avoid paying late fees on your DVDs, utilities and credit card bills.
8. You won’t get stuck with unwanted purchases. If you have a place to file receipts for recent purchases, you won’t lose them or waste time ransacking your house looking for them when you want to return an item to the store.
9. You’ll avoid unnecessary casualties. When you have to use your coffee table and kitchen counters to store things, there may be accidents or spills that ruin those items you didn’t have space to store.
10. You’ll save time. Everything will run more efficiently and you won’t waste time looking for your keys or whatever you need to get out the door. When you have shelves for storage of important items that you use every day, you’ll never have to look for the necessities again.