Rolling Storage Cabinet
For those in the beauty industry, rolling storage cabinets are a must. For the storage of brushes, combs, scissors, shavers, rollers, pins, clasps, hair dryers, dyes, foil, picks, and much more, there’s just about no one in the styling industry that would begin their work day without a rolling storage cabinet.
The rolling storage cabinets from Seville Classics offer up exactly what any stylist, barber, or hairdresser today could ask for when it comes to organizing their tools and materials. UltraHD Rolling Storage Cabinet with Drawers is an exceptional choice for those in the commercial beauty profession. With three label-ready drawers on the top right and one full file-cabinet sized drawer on the bottom right, there's plenty of space to organize tools needed at the ready, while the left hand side of this rolling storage cabinet has a lock and key cabinet door, behind which is a shelved area with plenty of space to store shampoos, conditioners, and other high-priced inventory that professionals want to keep under control.
The countertop surface of the UltraHD Rolling Storage Cabinet stands up to the toughest jobs with its three-quarter inch hardwood surface. Whether your mixing product, or using the surface to organize tools during a cut or color, this durable cabinet top will be resilient for years to come.
Anyone who works in a salon or barbershop can tell you: mobility is key. When you’re trying to work in an unforeseen appointment or you’re switching workspaces with a colleague, being able to move your equipment and inventory around quickly and effectively is as critical to the industry as a good pair of hair scissors. With its five inch wheels, this rolling storage cabinet moves fast, and what’s more, it stays well in place when the two locking caster wheels are placed into the locking position.
All four drawers roll back and forth on heavy duty ball bearings capable of safely moving heavy drawers, so hairdressers, barbers, and color specialists never have to worry again about their heavy tools or products weighing down their work station. Each drawer can safely contain up to forty pounds, making it a truly heavy duty cabinet system.
For those who work out of their own hairstyling space in the home or elsewhere, the UltraHD Rolling Storage Cabinet is an excellent choice. It rolls in to do the job, then right back out of site into a large closet, spare room, or garage when the space needs to be utilized for something else.
Above its exceptional form and unquestionable functionality, the UltraHD Rolling Storage Cabinet is an elegant addition to the workspace. With a coated steel casing and stainless steel drawers, and beautiful hardwood worktop, the fast-moving storage center is never an eyesore. As a mainstay of any work station or even as a stand alone cabinet which can move easily when necessary, this rolling cabinet from Seville Classics makes an excellent addition to any salon, manicure station, or as a place to organize samples and hair care product for any stylist.