The backyard can be one of the most neglected areas of a home, since it often doesn’t factor into the usual world of “home organization. However, there are so many ways to collect those stray toys, garden tools, and other outdoor gear in one place, while adding style to your yard. Below, we’ve outlined a few tips and tricks for smart yard organization, without spending a ton of money.
Collect Toys and Towels in One Place
If children don’t have a dedicated spot to put their toys when they’ve finished playing, they will inevitably get strewn around the yard. The last thing you want is a minefield of plastic figurines hiding in the grass. Here’s a simple solution: purchase a few large bins that can withstand the elements, a wire shelving unit, and some chalkboard labels that you can write on. Each bin can be used for different items, such as “sports” and “outdoor toys”. This way, your child can learn to put their toys back in the right bin before coming back inside.
Use Scraps to Build a Shed
You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for a shed. The coolest yard organization ideas are all about finding creative solutions with whatever resources you have. In that spirit, it’s totally possible to build a garden shed using scrapped doors and windows.
Arrange some bricks or cinderblocks as a foundation, set your doors upright as the shed’s four walls (French doors work especially well), and bolt them to a row of wood planks at the base. For a roof, you can connect two windows at a right angle and then attach them on top. It’s the perfect place to put your garden tools, plant pottery, and other outdoor items.
Hide Trash Cans with a Four-Panel Screen
Sometimes, home organization is just about covering up the less appealing objects that take away from your cultivated décor, like the trashcans in your side yard. Outdoor screens are a great solution — they’re affordable, easy to install, and many of them look like a trellis or picket fence.
Wash Your Feet with a DIY Cleaning Station
When you spend a lot of time gardening, it’s hard to avoid tracking dirt back into the house, especially if you enjoy walking around the yard barefoot. Here’s a classy option: collect or buy a few dozen river stones (the smoother, the better), nail four three-inch wooden boards into a simple frame, and then place the frame on grass by your garden hose. With a few layers of smooth stones inside, you’ll have a place to stand and wash your feet, while watering the grass below.
Prepare the Yard for Winter
Finally, it’s important to get your backyard ready for those cold winter months, since you probably won’t want to spend much time doing it in February. This includes putting away your garden tools, planting spring bulbs, prepping the lawn with fertilizer before it starts snowing, and draining water from hoses and pipes so that they don’t freeze. This also goes for potted plants, because the soil can freeze in cold weather and cause pots to break.