Vanities are making a comeback in the modern home. Today, a vanity can be a place for putting on makeup, a storage area for bathroom accessories, and a centerpiece in a master bedroom. There are no strict rules for vanities anymore, though, so they can be used in even more creative ways. Below, we’ve outlined a few bathroom accessories ideas and vanity styles for the contemporary home.
Vanity as Minibar
When hosting a cocktail party, what better way to serve your guests than with a gorgeous vanity that shows off all of your bottles? Since a vanity offers plenty of space, you can use it to mix drinks, share a few hors d’oeurves, and store your glassware. It’s a classy idea for entertaining a few friends, and even when it’s not a party night, the minibar serves as a great decorative piece.
Bicycle as Bathroom Vanity
Meanwhile, some crafty designers have stretched the “vanity” concept to its limit, creating a bathroom sink from a vintage bicycle and exotic wood tabletop. Artist Benjamin Bullins first popularized the idea on Pinterest, and now it’s taken off. If you’d like to build your own bicycle vanity, however, make sure to replace the standard tires with some solid rubber tubes, so that they don’t go flat. As far as bathroom accessories ideas go, it doesn’t get more imaginative than this.
Vanity as Art Studio
On the other hand, you can also repurpose a traditional bathroom vanity for more creative uses. For example, you can leave the sink and drawers as is, and make the vanity a centerpiece for your personal art studio. Store your brushes, paint, and palettes in the drawers, and then wash your dirty supplies in the sink after a long painting session.
Restoring Your Vanity with a Modern Look
It doesn’t take much to transform a weathered bathroom vanity into a showroom piece. You just need a fresh coat of high-quality paint, some new bathroom hardware, and a few tasteful accents. When painting your vanity, first wipe down the wooden surfaces with liquid sandpaper, apply primer, and let it dry before sanding with 220-grit sandpaper. After wiping the piece down with a cloth, you can start painting. Then, select bathroom hardware that complements your mirror and wall sconces. Spend a little extra time on the details, like some subtle cabinet paneling, and your bathroom vanity will look better than new.