Each and every year, people all around the world make the resolution to get organized. Whether that means buying a few shoe racks and laundry sorters for your closet or performing a comprehensive overhaul of one’s entire filing system, the resolution to get organized is one that can truly help transform our lives by saving us time, money and stress. Here are a few ways to get moving down the path to a more stress-free, organized life.
Tackle in bits. Break your entire organizational project into small, manageable tasks so that you don’t get overwhelmed or frustrated—which can easily lead to throwing in the towel. Instead, start with one small area or dresser or deal with the surface mess in your bathroom. If your kitchen is an issue, perhaps begin by installing shelving for storage so you can immediately get some items out of your way so you can see a difference right away.
Declutter the critical areas. Every year, we waste a lot of time searching for important paperwork and documents such as insurance forms, car registration and real estate contracts. Strike the area where you keep all this important documentation right away so that you don’t waste time and make a bigger mess of the area trying to search for that one important piece of paper. Set up a filing system or designate some shelving for storage of this essential paperwork—it will save you time and prevent undue stress.
Be ruthless. As you start sorting through papers, clothes, household items and your old CD collection, establish two piles only: one for items you want to keep and one for those you want to trash. Forget about having an option for the “maybes,” those items will only take up space and you probably won’t use them again.
Disassociate. The closet is probably the best example of areas and items that you need to disassociate from. Be objective or get a friend who is to help you sort through all of your clothing. Set up shoe racks and laundry sorters so that you can see the space you’re working with clearly, and focus only on the things you wear regularly, your investment pieces, and of course, your favorites.  If you haven’t worn something in a year or more, forget about the sentimental value you think it has and ditch it. It’s time to make room for the new!
image: abcactionnews.com