Flooded Storage AreaIf you’re like me, there is lots to be done when it comes to garage organizing. If you moved recently, or even if you haven’t, it can be so easy to procrastinate when it comes to getting your garage together. The thing is, every once in awhile something happens out of your control that makes you wish you’d bought those cabinets for garage storage and installed the wire shelving that you’d thought about when you first moved in.
Like most people, when I first moved in, I was overwhelmed with boxes that needed organizing and things that needed to be done to get our household in order. Utilities and cable had to be installed, the televisions mounted, clothing put in closets, kitchen items stocked—you know the drill. The last thing on my mind was the garage. In fact, it seemed like the perfect place to store everything that didn’t have a home. I did keep thinking about putting up some wire shelving at the very least, but again, other rooms inside the house seemed to take precedence.
Even when I passed some sleek looking cabinets for garage storage when I was buying things to organize my closet and bathroom, like laundry sorters, towel racks and makeup organizers, I still thought, “I can just get those later. This stuff is more important.” I figured I’d have plenty of time to go through the boxes in the garage and since I had to look at the other rooms in the house every hour of the day, they took priority.
After everything in the house was organized and settled, the last thing I wanted to do was even think about the stuff in the garage. I kept putting it off, and the next thing I knew, a year had already passed and I still had done nothing to the garage.
The whole family went on a much deserved vacation the last few weeks. Unfortunately, while we were away, the pipes from one of the upstairs bathrooms burst, leaking through the ceiling of the garage and saturating all those boxes that were sitting on the ground underneath them. In addition, water filled the entire floor, so everything on the ground was drenched. All the boxes are completely destroyed and we don’t even know all of what was in them! If only we’d installed some wire shelving so some of the stuff would have been off the ground—or had the forethought to label the boxes, at the very least.
Garage organizing seems like such a daunting task, yet in reality the process can be made much easier with a little forethought and the purchase of a few organizational tools. Don’t let some circumstance that’s out of your control make it an even tougher project to handle!
Image credit: www.popularmechanics.com