The discussion of whether wood or plastic cutting boards are more efficient for kitchen use is a critical one. If you are someone who is constantly or even just sometimes in the kitchen preparing food, it might interest you to know which of these two materials is a better fit for you and for your food preparation needs.

According to so many who prefer the best cooking experience, wood is a safer and better material to choose as a cutting board surface. For starters, wood is going to be a more suitable component for the knife involved in the cutting. Wood is not so damaging to a knife’s blade, and you will not need to sharpen or replace your knives as often if you choose wood over plastic for your kitchen’s cutting boards.

As far as the health of you and whoever is eating the food you’ve prepared, wood is a safer choice. Plastic has a very bad reputation for trapping bacteria and germs into its tiny crevices on its surface, even after several washes. Wood, as it is naturally grown and found, tends to not hold on to those bacteria as much. Wood has antibacterial and antimicrobial effects that remove about 99 percent of possible toxins invading the surface.

Plastic cutting boards likely seem to be the better choice as cutting surfaces for slicing, dicing, and more. Because of their popularity and vast usage over the past few years, a rise in demand has shown people enjoy the versatility of having a variety of cutting boards for various meats and vegetables. It is through relatively recent discovery that wood was a better, healthier choice to use as a cutting surface. Many of us, however, already might believe wood is a wiser choice. Those of us who are naturally prone to choose natural products likely already have wood cutting boards in our kitchens.

Choosing whether a plastic or wood cutting board is better for you is going to depend on personal opinions. If you are someone who trusts in the study and research of nature, it is likely you will choose wood over plastic. They are very easy to care for—always be sure to wash with hot soapy water between each use of the cutting board. One tip that makes preparing several different ingredients is having a few different cutting boards for each component of any meal.

Try out a wood cutting board if you have not yet experienced how perfect they fit into your kitchen’s toolbox. It truly brings a whole new feeling to home cooking to use natural products whenever possible. If nothing else, try it for your family’s health—that’s what truly comes first. Wood cutting boards are sure to be a more pure and wholesome choice for your family.